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10 common myths about cats

Cats always land on their feet safely. Domestic cats – excellent acrobats and innate instinct helps falling cat to land on their feet. At first, she turns her head and front paws, then a tail wheel, – the rear part of the body. Thus, all four legs are directed towards the ground. However, this does not mean that the cat immune and does not feel pain. Falling from a great height very often leads to bone fractures, and the animal may even break the death. Dentist Atlanta
8. Siamese cats are aggressive in fact, no more than all other breeds. Only a man of his ill-treatment and lack of understanding can make an animal aggressive. Siamese cats are just very jumpy and temperamental, brighter than others express their emotions. And the voice of their loud (but not the loudest of all, it is also misleading, sphinxes, for example, roaring so that the Siamese rest).
9. Cats are insidious and behave badly to spite their owners. Problems with behavior are commonly associated with stress. Cats are very sensitive to changes in the schedule of the day the owner to repair and family quarrels. This causes them stress and depression. Behavioral problems can also be caused by various diseases. If the cat begins to make its case is not specifically designated areas, it can have kidney disease.
10. Cats need fish. This myth is reflected in the composition of the finished cat food, many of them include a fish component. You ever seen a dog food with fish? I think not – the fish do not need a dog. I do not need it, and cats. This myth rests on a scientific basis. As already mentioned, the cats need taurine and vitamin A and fish products – a good source of both. However, many meat products contain enough taurine and vitamin A, therefore, believed that cats always need the fish properly. Stylist in Atlanta

Our reader writes Galina Makarova: Hello, sweetheart revision Faktruma! Always I read your blog and find something interesting. I myself come from Belarus, but now live in Australia. This is an amazing country and it will inspire anyone.

It’s no secret that Australia – one of the most expensive countries in the world that the local currency – Australian Dollar plastic that is very beautiful and diverse nature, there are many stunning beaches, exotic animals and birds. I propose to plunge into this country and learn about it much more than you knew before.
About Australia
1. A lot of people involved in sports on the street. Along the lakes, parks, paths for runners can be seen from small to large, cyclists, almost gymnasts. Australians practiced on the grass in parks and gardens.
2. Almost all payments, payment of tickets, hotel reservations – cashless. Few Australians are in cash.
3. It is in Australia for the first time there were plastic money, called here the Australian dollar.
4. Despite the fact that Australia is a developed country with high living standards, it is very slow and expensive internet. Broadband high-speed internet comes here only, the majority of the population uses ADSL.
5. Because of the unusual birds, parrots except in urban lakes can be found black swans and pelicans. Interior Design Atlanta
6. In Australia, unlike our country, highly developed mail. In addition, it is very fast. The mailing address for the Australians – is not just a formality. Here, in addition to advertising, come to pay all the bills, discount shopping cards, simple letters and postcards. Australians regularly several times a week to open their mailboxes.

What appeared before – the chicken or the egg?

Of course, chicken. This is quite obvious as to display the offspring parent should appear. The answer to this question is in the Bible, and recently science has succeeded, finally, convincingly prove this fact.
In the ovaries of the chicken produced protein called Ovocleidin-17. With the help of computer scientists have studied in detail the formation of the shell, and came to the conclusion that this protein plays a key role in this process. The shell egg is composed of 90% calcium carbonate, and contains a lot of trace elements such as copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and others, but it all gets out of chicken meal. But only 17 Ovocleidin-produced chicken itself, therefore, in order to bring up the egg, it is absolutely necessary.
Of course, the question, “Which came first? ..” Rather philosophical and rhetorical, but now we have a scientifically based answer.

Cats heal themselves, licking wounds. Small wounds and scratches can let the cat lick long, it disinfects them and promotes healing. If the wound is extensive or licking too persistent, it can increase and even deepen it. The rough surface of the cat’s tongue like sandpaper, tears off the upper layers of the skin, slowing down the healing.
2. Cats maintain balance with the mustache. Mustache (vibriscy) in cats – organs of touch, and balance they did not have any relation.
3. Cat and dog – enemies. Stories about the eternal enmity cats and dogs are unfounded. Simply, they speak different languages, often mutually understanding each other. Sometimes there are animals with a strong hunting instinct or overly aggressive, some people specially set against their dogs to cats. However, living in the same household animals get along well with each other, and some peace-loving sociable dogs are ready to be friends with all the cats in the world.
4. Cats can see in the dark, as in the afternoon. Another common misconception. In fact, cats see in the dark a little better people (because they have eyes, but not lights). But! The fact that cats are natural hunters! What we call a mustache, cats whiskers is located not only on the whisker pads, but also on the eyebrows, cheeks, legs. And ears on top, all of which e-hear! It is their locating device with which they accurately identify the location of the object. In addition, even in the daytime vision of cats is not ideal. Unfortunately, our pets suffer from farsightedness, and sometimes do not notice what is going on under their noses. For example, a bowl of food they determine by smell. By the way, smelling the food, they only want to know its temperature, not the taste.
5. If the cat does not walk in the street, she can not get sick. The causative agents of dangerous diseases can get into an apartment on the clothes and shoes of owners, as well as through infected poor-quality food for cats.
6. After sterilization, the cats become fat and lazy. Rather, they have become more accommodating and quiet that some people take for laziness. In fact, any cat – and castrated, and natural – sleep per day is not less than 18 hours. And in the winter, and day and night at all fast asleep, getting up only to eat. Cat to feel like a normal cat in the prime of life, requires the constant presence of two cats “in the hunt.” You can not provide it to him – castrated.