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He sparked a quarrel, or why we clash

Why people can not peacefully get along with each other? Each experienced a number of life conflicts with loved ones. Even peacekeepers by nature, despite the desire to create a favorable atmosphere around a few times in my life experienced moments when their patience advancing end, and had, as they say, “show teeth”.
There are several causes of conflicts between people. Below are the main ones.

The moral fatigue.

Unfortunately, this same reason unfounded and the most dangerous, as it could trigger conflict is not one but many. Conflicts resulting moral fatigue occur first in the inner world of man and gradually flow to the external. Obtyazhuyuchys mental overload at work, disease and other negative, the person begins to feel that the cause of his discomfort is the people around him. And almost every detail can provoke a nervous breakdown. The best thing you can do for yourself in this case – a retreat for a time of rest all cases and changing environment. No harm will and soul-searching, getting rid of moral stuff, such as excessive fears, emotions, images or complexes.

Idealism and pretentiousness.

If a person is prone to idealism, it is doomed to conflict. limo Miami Because of its tendency to grant people the qualities that they have, invariably it will lead to constant frustration. Instead of peacefully coexist with others, it will condemn them for what they do not come under that scheme, which he drew within himself to them, and some of his, unknown to him laws. Idealist can expose one word – if the idealist in the lexicon multiplied by the number present word “disappointment”. dance Miami Since idealists tend to look at people through the lens of their own assessments very difficult to remain permanently in their “ratings” and they chronically offended someone. Incidentally, idealists suffering much more those who are disappointed – after all the feelings that they feel real, and cause them suffering. Most idealists do not enter into open skirmish – they are in the shade and break the relationship without explanation. If you are an idealist, you may be advised to learn how to sort things out openly and you will soon realize that many of your “disappointment” flimsy, and you are surrounded not traitors and villains and ordinary people. repair USA

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Conflicts across multiple images close to the conflict on the basis of idealistic thinking, but there is a difference between them – conflicts on the basis of image-based. Unfortunately, people sometimes cause each other harm to the physical, moral and material. And the images that arise from damages, often requiring any limo Madison. Resolve conflicts through images can be found in the joint discussion events. But it happens that some of the people, or even both, can not discuss what happened because of the emotional storms. In this case it is better to move away from each other for a while and wait quell the storm of feelings. It helps to look at the conflict more objectively. Later, be sure to return to this theme, but with a more sober and reducing to a minimum threshold of emotions – it will be more objective. It is also important to wait for the same condition opponent. Having learned the basics of diplomacy, you can adjust almost all the relationships in your life. spa service Miami


Dentist in Madison of all human beings is that we are committed to society and the mind. Those who do not recognize this fact is doomed to complicated, difficult relationship. Conflicts on the grounds of jealousy is one of the most difficult kinds of conflicts in the relationship. Against jealousy even murder happen, because this kind of conflict – one of the most dangerous. No matter Psychologists say that jealousy can be unmanageable feelings. When working on a person can control almost any emotion. Jealous people can be advised on their own or through professional learning to cope with bouts of jealousy. window repair Miami

Finally it should be noted that is important not the conflict itself, and the ability to restore relations after the conflict. In conflict there is nothing wrong or supernatural, they happen and it’s sad, but you have to live on, not looking ill and denied not to quarrel, but just seeing this phenomenon with a share of understanding the full depth of the human psyche. Peace to you heavens over your head! here

What should be a real man? The seven qualities of man

What should be the real man, what qualities and character have? Men historically have had to be brave, strong and different leadership qualities. However, our society has tried to suppress these features. If you look at how men (especially dad) portrayed on TV, then you might think that they are irresponsible, confused rags that can only function with “intelligent” partner woman, friend or wife.

That is why many boys are confused and do not know what it takes to become a real man. They study the inappropriate role models and imitate those “bad guys” are always seen on the screen.

Seven basic qualities that should have a real man


Integrity – is more than just honesty. It’s a way of life based on the quest for moral perfection. pc repair Miami

Real men say what they think and believe what they say. They do not change depending on whether someone watching them at the moment or not. They are credible, reliable and steadfast.

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Compassion – a sympathy for the troubles of others, coupled with a desire to eliminate these troubles. In other words, people should help those who suffer.

Men often feel incapable of compassion, but this feature helps them to better understand the people around them. Real men realize their sympathy in the practical field, thereby making the world a better place. relax in USA


Many people confuse confidence with arrogance and self-centeredness. Real men know the difference. Confident men believe in their abilities and knowledge. They do not need to vtoptuvaty other dirt to climb himself. They earn people’s trust in their inner strength. When they enter the room, all they notice. more here


A rare day goes by without reports about famous and successful people whose lives have been destroyed messy sex, money, and / or drugs. The vast majority of men virtually no self-control, but a real man he needed.

Self-control begins with the ability to focus and get rid of distractions. Make it easy, because the temptations lurk at every corner. Real men are able to rein in their desires and to direct that energy in a positive direction. stylist Miami


Dentist in Madison is a side effect of self-control. This ability to courageously resist everyday problems. Perseverance is enhanced only after passing through certain tests. Real men pass all the tests and become even stronger. They never give up.


Courage is the determination to do what is right, regardless of the circumstances. If a person is passive, he did never do. Real men do limo Madison put up in the face of adversity.


Today’s young people like to show everyone that they are important. They beat their breasts and say to the world: “I am the master of life! Look at me! “. Real men understand the value of modesty and let others brag. interior design Miami

Modesty in a man means that he is free from the poison of self-centeredness. In addition, humility softens the blow when someone throws a man on the pedestal.

The acquisition of these skills takes time and effort, but our society would be much better if all men sought to possess them.

How to overcome family problems

Each house periodically on the horizon there are storm clouds, atmosphere and tension felt enough of a spark to a flame flared family problems. This is normally the time until the heart is started to be precipitate. Storm must end solar day, bright rainbow and sweet birdsong. After this you should feel that your relationship entered a new round and the world became a little brighter. dance studio Miami

Why do I have problems in the family

Problems in the family can begin, for example, due to external factors. Imagine a man having difficulties at work. Or is he too busy and strength is left for anything except irritation. And even if it did not mention that the problems we often bear yourself from your own childhood – our complexes, fears and guilt. But the main problem is the family of all ages unwillingness to hear and feel each other. What a pity that schools have not taught that. spa Miami

In family relations situations that are conducive to the accumulation of problems. This is the first month of your life together, having a baby, moving, illness of a spouse, midlife crisis, adolescence the child or the day when the child leaves home. There is also a special category of “dangerous marriage”: limo Madison because of an unplanned pregnancy (frequent in adolescents) marriage marriage with a different religion or social status. But if you heard something familiar – do not despair – if you want all the problems can be solved.

How to solve the existing problems in the family

To overcome family problems, the first thing you should do – to prevent new problems. Learn to understand a partner, try to find the cause of his discontent. You also say that you are concerned. But in any case not insulting or incriminating colors. If you do not like the constant delays man should not cry of vice, “Where have you been?”. Try telling that in your mind: “If you do not, I worry, I think you forgot about me or something I’ll not satisfied.”

When a man does not want to share their experiences, you can show how much you is important to know what is happening in his world. Let him know that you are always ready to support, understand and even forgive. If you are interested by this little life beloved – be prepared for the fact that he did not immediately pidpustyt you. Be patient and in time you will know more about what is happening in his life outside the home. The main condition – your desire to be sparkling. pet grooming Miami

Dentist in Madison problems divide into three categories: red – which require urgent solution, yellow – important issues but far from extreme, and green. The category of problems red record in a notebook, describing the situation in detail. After – carefully examine the problem, from its origins rise, because it was in the red zone and how you can avoid it. house

To resolve this, try to imagine that this is not your problem, think about what you would advise another person to solve it. This will be true option. For the yellow zone look innocent and solutions. If you find it difficult given, just imagine if the yellow zone turns into red. This should push you to the answer. But all that is in the green zone, it is better to decide on the spot.

In solving family problems rely on the golden rule. First, try to understand, not attack. Do not hold the images, sort it out on the ground, trying to find out everything through. Declare your excitement, suspicion and fear. Cleaning Service in Madison will not be solved if it is not about talking. Nothing will change if you do not take any action. In marriage do not need to suffer, on the contrary, you need to talk and come to a compromise. Take your time and make your family rules. What is forbidden that you would not like to see in your home, you have to behave and decide, finally, the issue of domestic responsibilities. One day gives you peace of mind for years. These rules can and should correct – convene a family council and honestly say that like it, and that is unacceptable. Let it become a family tradition every Sunday to sum up, make suggestions and be on Monday there will be no unsolved problems. more

How quickly cope with stress

Each of us got into a situation when communicating with family and friends, we can not find common ground and feel this unpleasant emotions that are able to bring us to the “micro stress.” However, there are simple and effective method to quickly remove emotional stress.

I spoke about this method of friend who always different temper, because every day for it turned into a series of “micro stress.”

A month ago, I noticed that my friend suddenly learned to calmly react to unpleasant words for her loved ones. During the “stressful situation”, she listens to the interlocutor, that is quietly whispering to himself, then quietly smiling companion, offering compromise solutions. Once I broke down and asked her what she whispers to herself and how she manages to hold back your emotions? In response, my friend sincerely confused, but eventually told me what it was. It turns out her emotional outbursts have become a stumbling cleaning service in madison in communication with family because her husband wrote to consult a Rytmolohiyi. My girlfriend has repeatedly visited the advice of psychologists, psychiatrists and especially not believed to result from contact with another specialist. But decided not to upset her husband and at the appointed time came for the meeting. First, Rytmolohiyi acted on her familiar pattern: helped my friend talk their problems and find the very reason of their birth and even out of which she had long suspected. However, late consultant offered to pick her linguistic formulas, saying that during a stressful situation, it can “exit” from emotional stress. Their she says of herself. stylist Miami
A friend told me that the formula does not eliminate the “root problems” (for this it must work on themselves), but blocking his helping her overcome the critical moment.

Formulas are selected during human problem, because some of them offer to your attention.

Situation: You are in the epicenter of the conflict and feel that the “attack you” (colleague, manager)

Read about several times:
energy Filter
Quanta limo Madison
Wood light
Disclosed in enerhopaket
Joy grace
Grace joy
Glow extreme ritmolohichnostyu
Central glow illuminated

Expected result: Participants conflict hear each other and you stop spending power to trouble

Situation: You “sew” in the information that you need to learn quickly or recycle

Read about several times:
Filter information
Sounded, vidvolozhylosya, vidlyahlo
Heart vanity veil
Crystal sound
Ringtones transparent
Free brain
From the suburbs to the center
Star flicker
Ice instantly reliability
Strings brain. more here

Expected result: you will be much easier to work with information

Situation: You’re too worried and emotional “live”, the information that you communicate around

Read about several times:
message filter
Adjusted feeling
lose distortion
With excessive deformation
Because voids memory.
conceptual bursts
Rytmolohiyi extinguished,
Emotional outbursts – rhythm.
freedom exchange
Controlled string Rain
Rotate the shield.
Unity of thought
Section impressions.
Rotate the shield.
Section opinions, experiences unity.
Circular orbit ritmolohicheskie
in elliptical Zimblohets
the account of
Admission to the beat. limo service Miami

Who is interested in this technique report their situation and I ask them to pick up in linguistic formula

Divorced men – types are?

If a man has experienced divorce, he never would look at the world as a free guy who has never been married. Well, he lived with his wife or bad, but the world has changed, he already has some ideas about marriage, often not very good, so to marry a divorced man difficult.

Every divorced people can behave differently, but there are certain behaviors that are often used by men. Which types can be divided men who have experienced divorce? What lies in the psychology divorced man? Relationship with husband divorced possible? Can you win divorced man? About everything in order in this article. Sponsor of my post site

He regretted the deed

The man departed and waited on idle life something special. But, having lived so long, realized that he was married better. Now he greatly regretted his action and wants to return to the family, but his wife does not encourage aspirations. After a time he began to feel that his ex-wife was ideal and the best woman in the world. limo Miami

Marry such a man can be in if he saw you in the features of his former lover and decides that you are perfect just as it is. In general, these men are tied to the wives because they assume all responsibilities in the family, look for a man, wash, iron, cook, and her husband think about anything not necessary. So, if you are willing to do anything for this man, he create the ideal conditions in which it would not want anything, then he will gladly join you in marriage. dance studio Miami

Divorced, but tied to the former family

The young man does not want to return to the former family and, in general, do not regret divorce. But sometimes it is sad that their relationship broke up, people remember the happy moments of their lives, and it is sometimes a must to visit his ex-wife and children. He feels a responsibility to them and not leave them in the lurch.

Serious relationship with the divorced husband of this type are possible, though the marriage decide it will be difficult. Although just need to prepare for the fact that from time to time he would come to the ex-wife and help her with the housework. Withhold it from such acts stupid, only scandals in the family will be more, so you need to accept.

My husband likes freedom

Marriage to such a man become synonymous with prison. I allude to the wedding useless. He likes to live freely and to no one accountable, again it’s not going to marry. These men better not attached because they do not think of a woman as his life cleaning service in madison.

Some men who have chosen this course of action may be a serious relationship, but to make those of men draw their legally almost impossible. Others prefer to meet with the women in one night, have fun and leave. They choose women lower their status because they fear that ensured and self-sufficient woman may induce them to marriage. more


Heavy case. After a failed marriage and hates all women firmly convinced that they are greedy, quarrelsome and violent creatures. Wife for him – a real devil who ruined him for life. To be with such a man, you need to prove to him that you are different from all other women, and that you can make him happy. Yet these men to fear, as their true intentions may not always be clear. This man is quite able to start a serious relationship or even marriage in retaliation for his ex, but such an alliance neither he nor you will not be happy. Be alert. pet grooming Miami


Such a man completely devastated after divorce. He sees no purpose in life and lose confidence, and all because his life has limo Madison dramatically, and he can not adjust to the new system. These men are quite easy to marry. For their healing requires only woman who will return them a purpose in life and give a dream. If you can instill confidence in the man and give him hope for happiness, then your relationship will be long and harmonious.

Male – “child”

With such men, who often conferred the title of “mother’s son,” often divorced his wife because they are men, it is not independent. In women they are looking for the mother who will care about them well and give instructions on how they live, say, do and wear. Wives can not withstand such stress or simply forced to switch their attention to their children who need it more than men. cleaning service Miami

Once man loses his “mother” in the face of his wife, he is no longer interested in a woman, and he parted with it, or it does not stand for such behavior. If you are willing to do all of this for a male child and watch him all his life, he gladly make you an offer.

How to re-fall in love a man?

And it is women, as keeper of the hearth, I want to turn everything into place, to revive the old relationship. Is this possible? And meet psychologists and offer a range of revival relations. Using it, a woman can try for 3 weeks again fall in love a man. computer repair Miami

How to fall in love again the man 21 days

A breath of fresh air

Love Boat crashed Life – Mayakovsky was right, saying these words. Life, routine, boring days can destroy more than one light feeling. In the gray, dank air daily coexistence time to bring a breath of fresh air.

New classes should entertain.
To enable communication with each other. dentist Miami
For example, the initial version of “wine, film and dominoes” replace the trip out of town or pottery class skill. Vase molded together, and even at a leisurely conversations, jokes, unite you stronger than lived together year.

How to re-fall in love a man? After 21 days in zakohayutsya you again!
By the way, can combine family and business problems. For example, keeping budget. Researchers found that men do not like it when the couple are trying to control their income and their own waste. Therefore, to avoid conflicts on this ground keep a family budget together. stylist Miami

Believe: Male and appreciate your approach to this solution.

Or ask the man any joint project.

For example: You are sitting on a diet, but it controls you. Or he throws smoke, you help him. You can also do repairs, but keep the debate about the tiles in the bathroom turned into a war. interior design Miami

Cabbage soup and porridge – our food is not

Diversify the diet to include avocado, hazelnut, almonds, seafood, red pepper. First, it is useful, and secondly, these products – recognized aphrodisiac stimulating sexual desire in both. After protsutstvie it – a problem that concerns not only men but also women.

About 60% after 35 years I will note a decline attraction to men.

And the reasons are many: Heart disease, cleaning service in madison, stress, diabetes, hormonal imbalance. It is better to consult a doctor to determine the cause.

How to re-fall in love a man? After 21 days in zakohayutsya you again!
Bedroom to sleep

Remove from the bedroom anything that might interfere with his personal life in it – laptops, phones, televisions and other technological advances. Bedroom – this intimate room set up just for two. So it pays attention only to each other. And both try to sleep, because sleep contributes to healthy regular intimate relations.

Well, to make a highlight in relation to Learn basic diversity as a place for sex other rooms – a bath for example.

How to re-fall in love a man? After 21 days in zakohayutsya you again!
Communicate and obiymaytesya

The man went on a business trip or have to work late? Remind him of himself – Write an e-mail or SMS. Not banal “what are you doing now?” And, for example, a romantic short message. And enjoy it, you and the problem of how to re-fall in love man resolved quickly.

But if the man next – just hug him. Researchers found that frequent touching each other reduce stress levels.

Try and at least once a week to be alone with her husband – Send the kids to the grandparents or for a tour, or to the movies, and they simply Stay together.

How to re-fall in love a man? After 21 days in zakohayutsya you again!
How to fall in love again man. Think of yourself

Take sports. No matter whether it’s jogging on a nearby stadium or school classes at the sports club, the main thing – you kill two birds at once: will limo Madison the figure, and increase the intensive blood flow to the areas responsible for your sexual desire. Even better, zaymetesya sports together.
Scientists have proved that men dragging a woman in red. Never wore that color? It’s time to buy something – a dress, a hat with a scarf, and best underwear.
Do not complain to overweight, bad hair, small eyes, etc. Once upon a time people loved you so that you are, and probably still do not pay attention to your flaws. That is not necessary to focus attention on them. more info

Compliments for men

Of course, there are men and those who, for various reasons, remain indifferent to the words and gestures of approval. These men are more the exception to the general rule, because most of them need support, love and compliments. window repair Miami

Approaching holidays and corporate events give a nice girl, ladies opportunities to meet or know each other better. How to limo Madison the trust and sympathy liked the young man? You just need to learn to make compliments successful men. What can we say a person worthy of approval? Sponsor of my post site

First try to understand how it is for you most needed and cleaning service in madison. The fact that the man must speak compliments from the heart, sincerely, without hypocrisy. Compliments that come from the heart, from the heart are never in vain, silent. If you wish to emphasize the husband of his independence, significance, we should not forget that irony is not allowed, during which the woman accompanying words of approval, addressed to her lover.

Not for someone no longer a secret that the stronger sex, as well as the weak, worried look. But men do not just pick the colors and styles. Often our men are not always quite sure in the end and stylistic accuracy making. Praising his choice, noting its efforts phrase “how you going this well chosen ringing (style, color, silhouette)”, you may find the path to his heart. clean Miami

Your companion laughed when I heard a joke, a funny anecdote or you smiled, extending his hand, flower, souvenir? So, you have a great reason to tell him a compliment, as you impressed by his smile. Most likely, he again wants to show it again and again.

You notice your enthusiasm with which the elected ready for the evening talking about computers, consoles, cars or exchange of the dollar and the euro? Be sure to gently ask his advice he needed on the subject. dentist Miami Young people love when they pay tribute to the intellectual and professional abilities and as a result, always ready to suggest or

How to attract men, if the husband lost interest?

Perhaps nothing so affects women as indifferent husband. Photos, strife, jealousy scene – all better than the complete lack of dentist Madison from men. How can we improve the situation, to draw the attention of her husband?

Cooling feelings of fatigue or husband?

First you need to understand whether the people you betrayed your attitude or it just recently tired, feels bad and just because you are less attentive.

Also, keep in mind that all men exhibit attention differently: some buy their wives new clothes, give flowers, drive their day off to the cinema, theater and concerts. Others express their love a little differently: helping around the house, take part of the concerns associated with raising children, just find a moment to listen to his wife, calm, say a kind word. Of course, ideally, men should find time for everything: to help, and joint leisure and talk heart to heart. more here

Never compare her husband with others. So if a friend tells you that over the weekend people suddenly got it into the jewelry store and gave cleaning service in madison, and your husband, as always, pleased you only that helped wash the dishes and vacuumed, that does not mean he has lost interest in you, he’s always trying to bring you my love is such cases, rather than expensive gifts.

Reasons cooling wife

Any treatment starts with diagnosis. Similarly, a woman should try to understand what triggered the cooling. limo Miami The reasons may be very different, because people can:

be sure that his wife will not go anywhere;
tired of “being good”;
stop loving wife;
believe that courtesies should provide his wife and not him;
admire another woman.
If she learned well the nature of her husband, she can easily determine what his attitudes have changed. But that was not the reason for the cool feeling you can always return! You need to show some patience and cunning. dance Miami

As she usually works when people lost interest?

If the man vanished, his wife began to accuse her husband that he has changed his former requires attention and affection, but not receive them. Often irritation, resentment and jealousy mixed: a woman begins to suspect her husband of infidelity.

All this, minor nitpicking, limo service in Madison of jealousy, strife, resentment, tears – even more cool man. He once loved is not a woman! Add that to a woman experiences never looks better, that is not a desirable …

Another variant behavior of women

All actions of the women listed above have one goal – to turn the attention of men. In fact, the problem has to be different – back feeling! spa service Miami And here we must understand that men like beautiful, successful, kind, gentle wives, but not abandoned and abused. Conclusion?

A woman should direct all their energy in a different direction, pay attention not his wife, trying to win him the love and loyalty, and yourself!

As a woman to attract men?

To attract the attention of men, women need to become more interesting. Everyone remembers the tale of Cinderella, which became a princess. window repair Miami

Of course, we must pay attention to their appearance.
You may want to change the image completely, after consulting with the stylist, pick a different hairstyle, find a more successful versions makeup, wardrobe update.
Pay attention to shape, to resemble a swimming pool, a fitness club.
Create a good mood, driving away the dark thoughts of inadequacy her husband and hardships of family life with him. pet grooming Miami
How should treat people change?

If people have at least a little loving wife, be sure to notice that she was different, and it will be grateful for what it is, firstly, stopped pestering him with their claims, second, improved, was the same – interesting and desirable! A man who does not react to the fact that his wife has changed, perhaps, he does not deserve attention!

A woman should weigh all very well, whether it be near the man whom no to it any work! The same can be said of the men who will complain about the fact that his wife has become more to look after themselves, then they selfish! They liked it when his wife gave all their strength to them and suffered because of their exaggerated coldness.

We can solve the question: whether to fight the coldness of her husband or accept the fact that the feelings gone?

Every woman finds herself the answer is: someone happy with any relationship the man so that he was there. That’s just whether it will be always there, if he has a wife does not interesting? Do not want him to again become gallant, romantic, passionate – as it was for the wedding? This role it can play, met another woman. So let it be so close with his lawful wife. And for this it must be for him the most charming, the most interesting, sexiest!

How to behave when you criticize

When you say not so good things, try to discard feelings and activate the mind. As? Ask yourself: “What can I get healthy, from what I heard?” Vidnostes these words, as one of the most useful sources of information. Take a break and think about how much this source could be reliable and useful.

For example, your colleague tells you that you vmiete adapt to the team. It will be advisable to answer: “I think about it, and it will pay more attention.” Read here.

What is the accusations.
If you chuete in his address tough but vague criticism immediately specify the issue. You will be surprised how much your guess may differ from what actually imply interlocutors. If your boss tells you: “I do not meet your work!” – Specify what he does not like: the number of sales per month, and perhaps he does not like something you recently started constantly late or what your last vacation was very long.

Criticism of this image?
It so happens that in the words of the interlocutor can cleaning service in madisonconstructive comments, you hear a stream of accusations, but can not understand what you just accused. If you criticize insulting, do not start an argument, your opponent is just waiting that you “explode”. For example, if you say, “What do you allow yourself?” “You can not authorize anything!”, “How much can you repeat the same thing ?!” “You’re that crazy ?!” – not even try to figure out the thing. Your friend does not answer anything sensible, “But you do not know what thing?” How silent and begin debate on the subject ineffective. To bring the interlocutor to himself, say something neutral, “I will discuss it only when you calm down.”

The reason for the call. More info.
abusive criticism spivrobitnykivVas suffered criticism at home? Consider what is missing from you to your friends. Reproach in the family always signal: is an important occasion for a frank conversation. For example, if a child tells parents: “You never have time for me!” No need to explain that you are always busy at work, because you have dentist in madison rise or must repay the loan. Just say: “We have a desire to spend more time with you, we are very sad, let’s decide together how we come out of this situation.”

And if a fair remark.
If you understand that criticism is justified – admit it. How would you like vypravdytys, now it will be inappropriate. Phrases limo service in Madison as “I did not intentionally, or did not work …” most of provoking even more heated debate and the flow of charges. For example, the manager said: “You do not have time to work!” Confirm this: “Yeah, right.” Only after you acknowledge the validity of his words, it makes sense to calmly explain that you stop and make suggestions how to fix it. Click

While recognizing the validity of the criticism, you become a failure. On the contrary – you can fix at work or in relationships with other people.

The rules of good mood for Women

Most of their actions we all influenced by mood. If it is “zero” is likely the whole day goes according to plan, and in trouble, and that was the cause of a bad mood, occurs ten small adventures that life eventually spoil. So let us learn to always keep the mood

at the right level, not to succumb to despondency and amount! more here

So, here the rules of good cheer:
Always self respect. Mentally. Even if it is stupid, do not say to yourself, “That idiot! Another would Never did.” Better to say, “Nothing. It will be with the lesson.”

Follow your dream. Must Feel something – let it be even walking the dog or gluing alien knight helmet made of papier-mache. Interests override the dentist in madison difficulties and you just stop to consider those little things that a few days earlier would definitely spoil your mood.

Allow others more. Do not expect them exceptional courtesy and respect – in any society are ignorant, cad or even just louts. Even if you stepped foot on a bus, consider that you graciously allowed to do this.

Do not exaggerate its importance in this world. Not everyone you just need to change here.

Often arrange a holiday, even without cause. At least once a week until running rush home from work because you party or carnival. Do not forget about your friends and celebrate together. click here

After waking up, smile. What would be a nightmare you will not dream of, in whatever conditions you wake up, stretch your mouth into a smile. Because it’s a new day, right?

Do not think about the bad. Forget the phrase “all bad”, do not worry, tomorrow you have an unpleasant conversation trial scandal, quarrel … The idea is really material, and it attracts what you think. Live and today is, and tomorrow – a tomorrow. It can happen that will change life in cleaning madisonor … who knows?

Rejoice that you have. Strong legs aching heels? Rejoice – you have beautiful long legs! A flat tire in the car? Do not worry – this is not a rejection of brakes, right? info

Imagine that it has been 10 years. In 99 cases out of 100, this problem seems so insignificant, that hardly will be remembered. So is it worth so worry now?

Can not get rid of negative emotions? Flee from them! In the most literal sense. With tracksuit, put in a pocket player with good music and in Hyde Park! This is guaranteed to help distract and bring thoughts in order. more info

Do not hold the sadness in itself. According to recent reports, a simple conversation about the problem, even with strangers helps relieve stress and find a way out of this situation.