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12 ways to save money

Just do not be spenders – that’s the whole way! Easy to say! But how? I understand that after salary (bonuses or other large disposable income) money, as they say, “burned hip” and very much want to spend it on something sort of! Beautiful, expensive, and a status … or not at all necessary, or even unnecessary.

Just as once said one of the American multimillionaires: “The main mistake of modern man is that he is saving a child begins to associate with adversity, and Shopping – with pleasure.” This line of thinking simply provokes dentist Madison¬†costs that are never enough money. If you say a clear language: “If the wife Shopaholic, people tend holozhopik.” However, men lately too …

Well, do not let the bad news.

1. The most important thing. Find a purpose. For what you want to “remake themselves”. After all, it is oh so easy! Looking habits will not occur overnight. We must motivate themselves something more beautiful and huge, purpose, satisfaction which will reach more than momentary pleasure of spending nth sum of money.

2. Less use a credit card than cash. Purely dance studio in Madison to spend money from the hands of a lot harder than remove the piece of plastic that money even appearance resembles.

3. Try to buy nothing day wage or when getting a large sum of money. So, head spinning, a feeling of permissiveness that allows a large amount of money can play a cruel joke. Write a list of essential purchases. Promise yourself that you want only buy after buy all the items in the list. By the time the euphoria usually goes the money can even be postponed.

4. Set a goal and a professional specifically highlight certain amount for professional growth. Clearly, the more effective you perform your job, the higher your income. So it is not always, but the exceptions prove the rule.

5. Do not be too thrifty. Thus, the board paradoxical in an article on … thrift and moderation. But otherwise you can break and go to the “dressing”. And then reprove themselves and amass a nervous breakdown … with each salary (income) reserves a small amount of “yes, no matter what.” You can periodically issue a “prize” of the amount saved per month fee.

6. Keep records of income and expenses. Council that several thousand years, but that he has not lost its relevance. Just something must make notebooks or document on your computer and at the end of each day write down expenses by category. And when you get money to write them in the column “income.¬†

7. Buy any goods and products strictly on the list. So you avoid the cost of unnecessary “stuff” that are sometimes extracted huge sums from our wallets. Do not fall for enlistment inscriptions such as “70% discount” if you do not need it! For such uncomplicated methods sellers usually simply “poured” stale goods.

8. Consider how to effectively spend, but rather greater increase, a huge amount of money. And do not say, “That’s when, then think about it.” Stubborn statistics suggest something else: almost all the people who won the lottery or received a huge inheritance quickly got rid of the money. read

9. Suspend “stash”. Man can not know that it will happen in the future. But when it has happened, people start frantically borrowing money, including under enormous interest.

10. Have you ever tried to do business, at least at the household level? For example, to sell some trifle, made with his own hands, or teach another person that know how themselves. For money, of course. The fact that the entrepreneur mindset is fundamentally different from the mindset of the consumer-spenders. What? And all! Believe me, this is not difficult. You just have to start.

11. If you have all the money earned too much of the “mandatory” spending, think about how to reduce them. For example, utilities. Provisions efficiency is always there.

12. Change your attitude towards brands. If you buy just any “super-Bosch” and does not want to change their habits, know that “Leyblomaniya (mania labels) – Depending on the widely advertised brands. Sometimes the inability to buy a favorite brand ended in a serious psychological disorder. info

If you long enough follow these tips, you’re not completely lost option. Be bold. You will.