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Career: 9 easy rules

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Read some simple tips to use that will help you become a successful woman.

1. Ask friend at work that you have “lack” and learn to control yourself, not to irritate colleagues and bosses. In other nonverbal signs like roll heads the idea that cleaning madison not only in themselves but in what you are doing.

2. Do not try to do everything yourself. Interns, prymaymni, intelligent, probably in a state vidkseryty documents. And you will have time to solve complex problems.

3. Do not discuss your dream job with colleagues. If the company resigned the position that perfectly suits you, tell us about it bare.

4. You must always look good! read

5. Do not zasydzhuytesya at work. The result of your work so much more than the number of hours spent in the office.

6. Be present at the meetings. Not just physically. If during an important meeting, you check your email on your phone, furtively dance studio Madison SMS or trying to pass a new level in Angry Birds, no one will think that you are able to do several things at once. All decide that you can not participate in the discussion of important tasks.

7. Read, learn and see all the news relating to your field of activity, including those appearing in blogs.

8. share common interests. If you talk with the leaders say: “At the conference I met a beautiful girl. I think we just lacked a specialist, “even the head will be clear that you think not only about themselves but also about the future of the company.

9. Do not be shy to show enthusiasm. dance studio Madison