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How clever to deal with stress

Significant load and constant voltage rise to stress. This can happen at any stage of work or study, since the first days of adaptation period and ending with the preparation for delivery of the work or task.

Just need to learn to cope with stress, to avoid unnecessary problems and successfully run its life course. read

Know that everyone has a certain threshold to stress that the level of tension to which the activity takes place successfully and even increased.

If the impact of stressors will grow and exceed the threshold of sensitivity, the human internal tensions will rise, and the effectiveness of its operations will start to decline. Only this very moment stress positive impact on activity. Study or work without stress impossible, because there may be indifference, depression, a cleaning madison and melancholy. But individual crossed the threshold of human stress is detrimental.

Also of particular importance is the stress factor of time, ie the time of its impact on people. Short-term stress activates its dentist in madison activity, so to speak shakes it, but the long lingering stress leads to tragic consequences.

What can we do to stress had a positive impact?
-Unykaty Stress is not worth as well as we should not fear it.

-Navchytysya Manage your stress and do not restrain their emotions too long, since the positive stress relaxation there is dissatisfaction that accumulated and only improving mutual understanding with others. more

– Preferably experience their own individual threshold for stress.

– Find ways to protect their long, destroying stress and do not panic, calmly treat short-term stress.

Most importantly – learn to cope with internal stress in the earliest moments of stress in the early stages of its occurrence.
There are a number of proven methods of regulating their behavior in stressful situations:

– Performance ranks first exercise. Many to relieve stress in sport: swimming, playing tennis, doing the walk.

– Positive effect on stress relief and visit bath or sauna, or even a bath or shower, where people relax and forget for a while about their problems.

-Personal Capture also help distract. Some relaxes in her family. Very good help relieve stress pets that give man the positive emotions.

– It is important not to forget to do a pleasure and from time to time that nice.

– Finally, get rid of stress can be in communication with calm and optimistic people.

In addition, there are specially designed exercises that can help relieve stress and tune in a positive way. read

Everyone can choose an individual set of exercises that will help him best. info here

Knowing these simple methods to regulate their behavior in a stressful situation, you can avoid many problems at home and at work or school!