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How to build relationships in the new team?

We all want to impress, especially if you come to a new team.

Not always these relations develop successful way that often causes nervousness. What to do in this situation is to build relationships in the new team?

If you are an office worker, dressed more modestly in the style of the office. It seems the man up from the early days of communication. Not allowed daring bright outfits cleaning madison, not the carnival. In many companies, has a dress code, you no exception, so must fulfill general requirements.

Do not be intrusive in dialogue with colleagues, prydyvlyaytesya. There may soon be so-called “friends of friends”, which is also the all can tell. Do not jump to conclusions if you do not personally know the man. Ask for the name and surname to man, and lest we forget, it is recommended to record all the names and the names of employees in a notebook. info

Know as his jokes are not kidding with those who are poorly versed in the mood, you offend him only a joke. Prydyvlyaytesya of employees that manifest themselves in business. Do not tell me their secrets and does not share his opinion with employees who are very talkative. They can not keep secrets. You just do not dance studio Madison too much, but do not be a hermit. Everything is good in moderation. If you do not know something, do not be afraid to ask a more experienced employee. This is considered the norm, you for that no one condemn. You should not deny the employee, who asked for help to do some work. But do not be a boy or a girl to pobihushkah. Tactfully refuse and not engage in polemics.

In the event of a conflict, do not get on someone’s side, you should be just your opinion, if you are being asked to express it, express it.

If you are in a team where the director of middle-aged man, you can just talk, without unnecessary conversations. Learn how to feel, wife and grandchildren. Disaster, when your boss is young and inexperienced. In these heads of competent staff do not stay.

Female Chief of the experience, you always help. Dare ask it to advise you on all questions.

Young female chief inexperienced, it will show their moods. You will need patience and calm if you want to work here. click

If a young woman and a clever head, try not swear to it, but rather to Build Relationships. Be discreet, honestly perform the work assigned to you and the success you achieved.

If the boss zhinkonenavysnytsya, it is better not to work in a team.

If you want to stay in the team, they leave all their problems outside of work. Be proactive and do not be afraid to learn. And you will become a full member of the team.