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How to manage the women’s team?

The woman – a special type of employee. This will tell you any man-manager! When appears in your subordination of a ladies’ team … Manage it may be dance studio in Madison difficult than the command of a battalion of soldiers! How to use the features female psychology to successfully manage the women’s team, while building up their positive image in the eyes of subordinates?┬áSponsor of my post site

Features women’s team

To achieve success in managing the women’s team is not easy if you do not know the distinctive features of this kind of spa services Madison community.

Basically, all these features are known, but moved to a managerial position, quickly forget about them! And for the umpteenth time are victims of the most banal techniques subordinates!

Simulation of hard work

Women are capable of more thorough simulation and artistic work than men.

A man may be closer to lunch with hangover physiognomy and honestly admit that “yesterday took over the little”, but for the window repair Madison half of the day he will make it!

Lady appears at exactly 9:00 and you, its head, you’ll only see the idyllic picture of “subordinated securities mountain.” And it turns out, the second toe dovyazuye!

Gossip, gossip, gossip …

Women observant and talkative. Together, these two qualities can become a “powder keg” for any manager!

Here comes the boss with the arrow on stocking – all kind of welcome it, but after half an hour the whole office has uhohatyvaetsya about how “our mumble a holey stockings pryperlasya – go lover slept in!” …

Complex relationships

In any women’s team formed a very dentist Madison, variable and sometimes invisible from the chair system manager “who is who” is not limited to official hierarchy! Men simply: “Mr. Smith, chief. Jack, Peter, Kolyan – colleagues. ”

We are infinitely more complex “Ivanna Maryam, Head – chaw-bacon actually fills all her deputy Frosya Prokofyevna. Lena, Tanya, Valyechka – colleagues. Lena with Valyechkoyu go eat together, but both dream “pidsydity” Frosya Prokopovne. Tanya soap, but can nastukaty Maryam Ivanna at all, although the five years as reflected in Lena boyfriend … “.

Of course, all these subtleties not reflected in the personal affairs of subordinates, is starting to guide the women’s team, may head for a long time to suffer a loss – that’s what.

What to do with all this?

First, always remember that on a head set strict surveillance over problems which may be considered Shtirlitsa kindergarten drawing!

So about any arrows on the stockings are not out of the question – the boss should come to his office, at heart singing Mary Poppins song: “Oh, what bliss – to know that I’m perfect! … “.

Subordinates feel acutely self-esteem of the authorities – if the manager feels “not a horse”, the staff shall pass no use “breach the defense!”


Second, a great way to gossip, “peremyvannya seed” and other favorite in the women’s collectives types of communication … is work! If every girl will be somewhat busy time for gossip will decrease (although to achieve their complete disappearance is almost impossible!).

A female team leader must strictly observe the commandments of interference in backstage intrigues, even if subordinates decide to dip to direct denunciations uchynyaty “Supreme Court” – the last thing!

Much better if after a couple of provocation ladies realize that a boss is not going to interfere!

Not justify expectations!

If you belong accession to high office in the organization where you had not worked, so get acquainted with the women’s team, which manage and have to!

A team first saw the new boss, usually tends to produce a number of stereotypical expectations that belongs destroy in the name of the successful leadership of this same female team! Common:

“Young and inexperienced”

Depending on the middle-aged ladies (and in many organizations it is pre-!) Age “youth and inexperience” may vary from 20 to 40.

Remembering the Soviet times, when the “chair” traveled to 60 years thus, conservative aunt could not immediately believe that our rapid time enthusiasm, creativity and no time to cling dust formation mean for the head much more than the ability menacing and solid supyty cough into a fist!

“She is a” paw ”

That post got a reason – for the “sheep in a piece of paper,” who carried out should be a fun HOUR (the version most often aprobuyetsya young and cute rukovoditelnitsa) relationship with someone senior, etc.

This theory is tenacious – boss may persuade many years of effective work in their professionalism, but still found at least one subordinate who will bovkne and that “come-here it is not alone!”.

“Since subordinates should be friends”

Ask them about family affairs, treat cakes, sometimes not to talk about their own work of his life, call Tanya, Valechka and Lenusyk …

By the way, this is true only female team in the post-Soviet countries – in another world like familiarity with the boss is regarded as mauvais ton! For us it is believed that “warm relations” will save, if that, from commanding anger.

To be absolutely correct, if the head of the start control women’s team from trying to put it vidstoronytsya subordinates to have a “friend”!

What is worth fighting for, controlling women’s team?

It so happens that the new chief comes on fast and … horrified dominant team in order! What often have to declare a decisive battle, controlling women’s team?

Eternal desire of women to the “domestication” of space around. Embroidered servetochky, bowls, statuetochki, lovingly watered geraniums – a very cute, but they can completely ruin the reputation of even the most reliable company! Therefore it is necessary to declare hard limit “tsatsek” per square meter office and monitor compliance;

“Anti-dress code.” In fact, the dress code (or uniform) disgusting and sad when wearing it herself! But when you come into some organization around and see no motley crowd in various aunts tasteless rags (on mini-skirts stretched to gray jackets “greetings from the barn”), and the staff pleasant ladies in business suits – the idea of this organization just growing! So it is worth to consider and implement in practice, despite the cries of his subordinates!

Homemade meals that are heated in the microwave and pour social magic soup flavors, kotletok, potatoes with herring … Of course, a late dinner hungry after working day nutritionists do not recommend, but in this case there are buffets, cafes, canteens … The office is just a shame! In a pinch, scroll lover dense snacks Store room, where flavors not reach noses customers and business partners!

Warning: not all subordinates immediately realize a leadership style women’s team! Cherished image of ‘loyal boss “? read

Be good to everyone?

Manage a team of women – the art! Creating a positive image in the eyes of subordinates boss can take years, and you can lose a reputation in a moment!

Smile – this is an integral part of the image, as polished shoes and a fresh blouse! Cry and curse – a taboo! Idleness – the lot of losers! If subordinates catch the leader adore ladies romanchyk viscous or toe – require them to labor discipline will be in vain!