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How to overcome family problems

Each house periodically on the horizon there are storm clouds, atmosphere and tension felt enough of a spark to a flame flared family problems. This is normally the time until the heart is started to be precipitate. Storm must end solar day, bright rainbow and sweet birdsong. After this you should feel that your relationship entered a new round and the world became a little brighter. dance studio Miami

Why do I have problems in the family

Problems in the family can begin, for example, due to external factors. Imagine a man having difficulties at work. Or is he too busy and strength is left for anything except irritation. And even if it did not mention that the problems we often bear yourself from your own childhood – our complexes, fears and guilt. But the main problem is the family of all ages unwillingness to hear and feel each other. What a pity that schools have not taught that. spa Miami

In family relations situations that are conducive to the accumulation of problems. This is the first month of your life together, having a baby, moving, illness of a spouse, midlife crisis, adolescence the child or the day when the child leaves home. There is also a special category of “dangerous marriage”: limo Madison because of an unplanned pregnancy (frequent in adolescents) marriage marriage with a different religion or social status. But if you heard something familiar – do not despair – if you want all the problems can be solved.

How to solve the existing problems in the family

To overcome family problems, the first thing you should do – to prevent new problems. Learn to understand a partner, try to find the cause of his discontent. You also say that you are concerned. But in any case not insulting or incriminating colors. If you do not like the constant delays man should not cry of vice, “Where have you been?”. Try telling that in your mind: “If you do not, I worry, I think you forgot about me or something I’ll not satisfied.”

When a man does not want to share their experiences, you can show how much you is important to know what is happening in his world. Let him know that you are always ready to support, understand and even forgive. If you are interested by this little life beloved – be prepared for the fact that he did not immediately pidpustyt you. Be patient and in time you will know more about what is happening in his life outside the home. The main condition – your desire to be sparkling. pet grooming Miami

Dentist in Madison problems divide into three categories: red – which require urgent solution, yellow – important issues but far from extreme, and green. The category of problems red record in a notebook, describing the situation in detail. After – carefully examine the problem, from its origins rise, because it was in the red zone and how you can avoid it. house

To resolve this, try to imagine that this is not your problem, think about what you would advise another person to solve it. This will be true option. For the yellow zone look innocent and solutions. If you find it difficult given, just imagine if the yellow zone turns into red. This should push you to the answer. But all that is in the green zone, it is better to decide on the spot.

In solving family problems rely on the golden rule. First, try to understand, not attack. Do not hold the images, sort it out on the ground, trying to find out everything through. Declare your excitement, suspicion and fear. Cleaning Service in Madison will not be solved if it is not about talking. Nothing will change if you do not take any action. In marriage do not need to suffer, on the contrary, you need to talk and come to a compromise. Take your time and make your family rules. What is forbidden that you would not like to see in your home, you have to behave and decide, finally, the issue of domestic responsibilities. One day gives you peace of mind for years. These rules can and should correct – convene a family council and honestly say that like it, and that is unacceptable. Let it become a family tradition every Sunday to sum up, make suggestions and be on Monday there will be no unsolved problems. more