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Learning how to tie a business dating

To succeed in the true business lady needed professionalism, accountability, appeal and, based on the latter – the ability to make acquaintances and establish the necessary contacts in the professional community. But learn to do it dentist Madison and effectively?

According to statistics, 26% of successful businessmen consider personal network of priority importance for a successful career. And 62% believe that relations – though it is not important for career growth, but still a good tool. And it is not dance studio in Madison reason. The connection means you can always get a recommendation hear practical advice to solve complex issues with less temporary losses.

Ability to establish such communication and networking card called (from the English. Net – network and work – work). At the heart of this concept is the so-called six degrees of separation: each of us indirectly familiar with any other person on the planet through a chain of mutual friends. On average this chain of six people. Accordingly – the wider the circle of your friends, the more opportunities you “reach out” to the influential people in your profession.

The “correct” networking are the 5 main principles:
1. The principle of good upfront: I think first of all, not about what the “right” people can be helpful to you and of what you can spa madison it, and do not be afraid to give it to understand it. Ready right person to do something good, to service just has to have the interlocutor and then often turns unexpected “dividend”.

2. Remember that valuable career may be even casual acquaintances.

3. We should say that, as they give and receive business cards. Depending on the circumstances of the card, you can teach her new window repair Madison at once – in this case, the focus needs to be done on your behalf and capacity or services that you provide. A can end this introduction – then the focus will be your contact data. Having a business card companion, in any case not lower it in his pocket without looking – it might offend people.

4. It is not superfluous to write the next day a new friend email. It can simply express satisfaction familiarity. And do not forget to add someone to the number of friends on social networks.

5. Make it a rule to keep in touch with former colleagues and partners. If possible, help them connect to events in professional pet grooming Madison communities and social networks. Congratulations on birthdays and holidays. Rest assured, your attention will not remain unnoticed.

Where and when is most convenient to get acquainted with people (engage in networking)?
1. Directly in progress.

2. Special networking events for business community.

3. At work activities (training courses, seminars, etc.).