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No money. Hooray!

There are situations in life when you need to save money on something useful for a limited period of time or for some important reasons “tighten the belt tighter.” Today we probably will not consider the negative situation, because dentist Madison¬†are “holes in their pockets,” and talk is about the creative side of such issues as temporary cash difficulties.

From my own experience is clear: that this is sometimes a wonderful thing – the lack of money! Of course, not the same chronic, which stretched on for months and years, and one that lets you view life. Lack of money, which dance studio Madison you to find those little cracks, which gradually coming out of our money, and change your diet aside (note!) More healthy.

As an example: when our family are such times, it immediately starts off light in the room, which came out off a TV that no one is watching, turn off the computer monitor when it departed from, and if you went away for a long time – that switches to power-saving “sleep mode.”

Further, stocks of products that “zalezhalysya” on the shelves, such as cereals and canned dramatically reduced. Invented new dishes with what is in the refrigerator, not on the fact that we should go and buy. Of course, itspa services Madison an additional burden on our shoulders for women. Of course, buy dumplings or meatballs is always easier, but unfortunately …

But then he mentioned pancakes, muffins and cakes – with a minimum of products and stew – with that found on the shelves. Soups are songs, and if in broth – the meat sent out a second meal.

For some people, including me, is the norm. But one of my friends knew and perceived hostility that good old recipe of our mothers and grandmothers – meat from the soup to the second. For example, in the same pasta “in naval”. info

One of the main advantages is certainly the one that stems from temporary financial difficulties (or rather, our them the right attitude) – that our lifestyle is much healthier – because of our menu missing things like sausage, smoked and confectionery, available now for lack of money, or try to save them. But on the table popping soups, stews and porridge made almost exclusively on what was, with minimal fat and other things harmful to the body.

It has long been observed that it is a healthy food – is the cheapest food – porridge and vegetables, instead of sausage and condensed milk! Speaking of condensed milk – a couple of weeks of absence in our family found that forgotten dusty jars with Grandma’s jam – even very good alternative. Tea with jam – that ‘vkusnyashka “! Especially when ending sugar.

During such periods usually is virtually painless transition to fruit drinks and fruit drinks with mineralok and – not a terrible thing – lemonade, Pepsi-count and reduced juice. I often “beat” with the passion of every man to “shypuchok”, which, except for “vitamin”, as we call it (he dye, also known as flavor, he preservative), there is hardly anything useful for our body!

At such times it is mentioned that to the work that is prepared at home is always more beneficial and useful. Although my experience in the amateurs break to run to the store never accept this simple truth. This seems a trifle – think, spent 20-50 hryvnia! But usually the money on something worthwhile such people never have, but it is very unpleasant for others to borrow a habit to pay … It is a pity that these comrades forget the good old truth: “Kopeck keep the hryvnia.”

I was such a show case some years ago. I worked in the young, even, I would say young, like myself – at that time – the team. Salaries were all about the same, but the attitude to money is absolutely different. Interest seventy girls from our team came together for dinner in a nearby store and bought everything they wanted – biscuits, chocolate, cheese, yogurt, juices, prepared salads and more. click

Most began a half to two weeks to pay – one hundred percent of the team carrying food from home, we – as usual, but the same girls – with a sad look and talk about a small salary.

After a while I gained on the TV and shared the news with joy with the team. It’s a shame was heard from one of my colleagues deliberately loudly about what they say, “all prybidnyuyetsya, and the TV buys here.” By the way, this girl in order to buy a winter coat that cost twice as cheap TV, took credit for several years and hnulasya from “excessive” benefits.

It is clear that in no way saving some dinners, but this is usually an indicator of a person trapped cash in hand or, unfortunately, do not stay. After all, we often see that families with roughly the same income living in different ways: some manage to make repairs and to go to rest, while others only sigh – money like water …

The most commendable for me so far elusive group of people are those who, because that’s just such a “temporary difficulties”, decided to change something in your life and do something that a prosperous and “satisfied” time would hardly ever ventured – to find new ways to make money instead of total savings.

After all, as not saving, talk, perhaps they, and extra money for it in his pocket and no one put under a still stone, as we know, no good flows. A striking example – experience heavy 90s, someone fell in the dead of depression and counting pennies, while others, disregarding pride, was traded to the market. I think it’s best, most desirable effects just described above – temporary difficulties come, and skill remain.

Of course, I wish all readers that these temporary difficulties were a little less, and if they were – it was only with the sign “plus” – planning a large purchase, for example. But in any event time, as we see, it is very useful.

The main thing – to treat these periods, not as a “black day”, but as an opportunity to acquire useful habits and draw the necessary lessons.