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What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?

About rubies known since ancient times. This stone is associated with fire, blood and mad passion. Rubin – one of the most valuable stones in the world. Interestingly, the perfect Burmese ruby diamond will cost more. This situation arose because of natural minerals sophisticated forms found very little.
The story of the magic taste
What are the names not only appropriated ruby during its existence. The Slavs, he was named “Yakhont” some Roman judges called it karbunkulusom Greeks gave the nickname stone anthrax, and in ancient Sanskrit ruby dubbed the king of gems. It is believed that the owner of the stone will control authority and power to improve their lot.

But there are two important points: you can not always wear a ruby, as it can become an energy vampire in relation to the owner; stone well have a decent man who has made life status.
Until now, natural ruby attributed magical and medicinal properties:
help in overcoming obsessive fear;
opposition forces of darkness;
abuse irresistible passion;
treatment of hypotension;
availability krovoostanavlyvayuschey function;
badoryty ability and prevent loss of strength;
tonic properties.
To note: the legendary Paracelsus attempted to treat cancers using ruby.
So where did the magic stone, the color may be a ruby? This is indicated by scientific evidence and long-term geological surveys.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
Ruby pedigree
Long ago stately stone in the throes of birth bowels of the earth. There have during the process of mutual movement of tectonic layers: crust and magma. The resulting substance, later named by scientists aluminum oxide, it came out as a crystal. The value of rubies is due to the fact that their family is very old, and the mystery of red minerals is far in the past. Nowadays these movements earth layers exist, so the chance to find red rocks are just rocks deep in the age of about half a million years.

Distinctive features of king stone
What color is ruby in nature? At this rate influence blotches chromium. Yellow color palette ranges from bright pink to purplish-red. The greatest value of the world’s rubies are saturated colors bovine blood. They seem to glow from within, bewitching its cold beauty.
Regarding the physical characteristics of stone, its structure is one of the most dense in nature and has the original shimmering luster of these qualities add resemblance to ruby diamond. In the past he mined and stored only in India and Burma, but gradually develop trade relations allowed the precious mineral to make a trip to Egypt, Greece and Rome great. In addition to the healing of various ailments ruby-known fact that, according to legend, won the honor of decorating a ring wise King Solomon. In addition, the luxury stone was a fixture of the royal regalia and symbols of domination, however, do not forget to decorate a graceful ladies fingers.

Rubin: features species
Deposits of these stunningly beautiful stones are located on the territory of many countries, including Sri Lanka, India, Africa, Madagascar, some Asian regions. And each type has its own strengths and unique appearance.
Guest from Burma
Flagship ruby sea is undoubtedly the stone from Burma. The famous mountain of Mong Shu carries in its womb Burmese rubies of high quality. It is very precious stones, different transparency and color saturation. To find out what color the natural ruby, produced on the territory of Upper Burma, we must conjure blood-purple hue, does not lose its luster in any light. Outwardly, it looks very expensive. Looking for a product with a ruby can guess its variety and origin in the colors of the stone. Rubin from the valley of Mogok a color amplitude from light to dark red, but it is important to remember that intense saturation is the hallmark of Burmese ruby.
Prices for these stones range from $ 50 per carat, with a minimal cost. Further price increase depends on the color of ruby, and takes into account its qualitative characteristics. Determine the authenticity of the Burmese ruby is difficult. This involved well-known laboratories, obtained the right to issue the certificates.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
Siam gift
Ruby won in Thailand and Vietnam are considered stones second grade, but that they become less beautiful. Thai Ruby: what color is and what its difference? Stones in the region characterized by a rich palette and pink and purple hues. Sometimes are truly unique, valuable samples, costing several thousand dollars per carat. But the bulk of these stones are quite unevenly colored and indistinguishable large size.
Ruby breathing Tanzania
Minerals worthy of attention mined in Tanzania. What color is ruby? Photo Tanzanian stone indicates a bright crimson hue, the contemplation of which can not be put down. These stones are after-cut and which tsvetanaturalnyy ruby from the depths of Tanzania? Unclear, but more transparent, pink or garnet minerals from severe internal defects, but jewelers give them tremendous appeal through their skill, pulling Stone Heart fiery glare.

What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
Also mining rubies organized in Kenya, Madagascar, India, Afghanistan and other countries, but the values are significantly inferior Siamese and Burmese species. For example, the color of ruby with Kenyan depths? Surprisingly, these minerals have brownish-yellow tint. A Malagasy stones differ orange and pink glow with a solidified silkiness.
Especially prized ruby with starry effect: stunningly beautiful, clear stones, often intense color. Their value depends on the saturation, hue, degree nezamutnennosty and clarity of outline star inside the mineral. Their estimate is quite subjective, relying more on their own taste than quality parameters.
Characteristic features natural stone
Therefore, rubies differ different color saturation and transparency. If there is a so-called young ruby what color he is? Typically, these stones watery, light pink or purple tint. Generally rubies in nature are completely transparent, without foreign inclusions, internal defects too large. What color is a real ruby, with confidence can tell experts: mineral contains shades from light red to dark red. Also, natural stones have tusklovatym brilliance, and some have silk tide.

Determine reliability
Synthetically grown stone will have those miraculous properties, which has the real ruby. In addition, these jewels are very expensive, so often thrive in sales deception and fraud.
How to distinguish imitation of natural stone?
Among other things, there are several important points that you should pay attention at first. Thus, the issue price. These rubies are rare, so because of its exclusivity are quite expensive. Particularly alarming is the low price a stone – such instances are very rare and very valuable.
Next – the size of the mineral. Rubies more than 5 carats quite scarce, so rare. At a minimum, they should be considered under the magnifying glass.
Finally, color. If the buyer cuts contemplation eyes brilliant, bloody rubies, we must remember that these stones are naturally solitary. In other words, the client or extremely valuable Burmese ruby or blatant fake.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
There are several easy ways to identify the authenticity of the stone:
Test using ultraviolet light. When the blue lamp is fake ruby orange.
White bubble inclusions. In natural ruby bubbles are extremely rare and are identical in color with the same stone. While the false minerals circles highlight or hollow.
Natural stone is usually cold and hot with great difficulty, unlike synthetic analogues.
If you put Ruby in a glass of milk, liquid paint it pink hue.
Different angles stone looks different.
If discovered crack in the stone, the natural minerals it will be uneven and will not shine like a fake.
Therefore, choosing an expensive ruby, it is necessary to consult with knowledgeable jeweler or gemologist.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color? Ruby – natural creation, when you look at that breathtaking. No matter what color of ruby colored, are created mascots for the various zodiac signs, amulets, able to protect against the forces of evil. They attributed magical properties and give healing characteristics. Finally, go with ruby fine jewelry, worthy decorate royal houses. Natural mineral such high class – great choice of sybarite.

Orthodoxy – a trend in Christianity. Religion

For ethical and moral standards in society and for the settlement of relations between the individual and the state or the highest form of spirituality (Cosmic mind, God) created the world’s religions. Over time within each major religion splits occurred. As a result of the split formed orthodoxy.
Orthodox Christianity
Many make the mistake of thinking all Christian Orthodox. Christianity and Orthodoxy – is not the same thing. How to distinguish between these two concepts? What is their point? Now try to understand.

Christianity – a world religion, which originated in the I century. BC. e. in anticipation of the coming of the Savior. At its formation influenced philosophies that time, Judaism (to replace mnohobozhyyu came one God) and endless military and political clashes.

Orthodoxy – is just one of the branches of Christianity, which originated in the 1st thousand. BC. e. in the Eastern Roman Empire and received its official status after the general Christian church split in 1054.
Orthodoxy – a trend in Christianity. Religion
History of Christianity and Orthodoxy
History of Orthodoxy (orthodoxy) started in the I century BC. It was so is called the apostolic faith. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ loyal apostles began to preach the teachings to the masses, drawing into its ranks new believers.

In the II-III centuries orthodoxy involved in active struggle between Gnosticism and Arianism. The first rejected the writings of the Old Testament and interpreted in their own New Testament. Second, under the Presbyter Arius Coessentiality not recognize the Son of God (Jesus), considering it a mediator between God and men.

Remove the contradiction between the rapidly developing heretical teachings and Christianity helped seven Ecumenical Councils convened with the support of the Byzantine emperors from 325 879 a year. Councils established axioms about the nature of Christ and the Virgin, as well as approval Creed helped to take shape a new trend in the most powerful Christian religion.

Not only heretical concept contributed to the development of Orthodoxy. Roman Empire split into Western and Eastern influenced the formation of new directions in Christianity. Various political and social views of two empires gave a single crack in the general Christian church. Gradually she began to disintegrate into Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic (later Orthodox). The final split between Orthodoxy and Catholicism occurred in 1054, when the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Pope had a mutual separation from each other churches (anathema). Ended division general Christian church in 1204 with the fall of Constantinople.

N land to Christianity 988. Officially, there was no division between Roman and Greek Orthodox Church, but because of political and economic interests in the territory of Prince Vladimir of Rus was common direction Byzantine – Orthodox.

The essence and the foundations of Orthodoxy
The basis of any religion – faith. Without it, the existence and development of the divine teachings impossible.

The essence lies in the Orthodox Creed, adopted at the Second Ecumenical Council. In the fourth ecumenical council of Nicaea Creed (12 tenets) has been approved as an axiom that is not subject to any changes.

Orthodox believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Holy Trinity). God the Father is the creator of all earthly and heavenly. Son of God became incarnate from the Virgin Mary, and edynosusch edynoroden in relation to the Father. The Holy Spirit comes from God the Father through the Son and respected no less than the Father and the Son. Creed tells the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, pointing to the eternal life after death.

All belong to a single Orthodox Church. Baptism – a mandatory ritual. When it happens release from committing the original sin.

It is mandatory observance of moral rules (commandments) that are transmitted by God through Moses and Jesus Christ announced. All of the “code of conduct” based on care, compassion, love and patience. Orthodoxy teaches endure any hardships of life humbly, accept them as God’s love and testing for sins, then go to heaven.

Orthodoxy – a trend in Christianity. Religion
Orthodoxy and Catholicism (main differences)
Catholicism and Orthodoxy have some differences. Catholic – a branch of the Christian doctrine, emerged as the orthodoxy in 1 tbsp. N. e. the western Roman Empire. A orthodoxy – a trend in Christianity, which originated in the Eastern Roman Empire.

Nowadays, very often raises the question of reconciliation between the churches. But because of significant and minor differences (eg, Catholics and Orthodox can not agree on the use of yeast or non-yeast bread sacraments) reconciliation constantly postponed. On the reunion in the near future there can be no question.

Orthodoxy – a trend in Christianity. Religion
The attitude of the Orthodox Church to other religions
Orthodoxy – a trend that evolved out of a total of Christianity as a separate religion, does not recognize other teaching, considering them false (heretical). True true religion can only be one single.

Orthodoxy – a trend in religion, which does not lose popularity, but on the contrary, becomes. Yet in today’s world peacefully coexist in the vicinity of other religions: Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Shintoism and others.
Orthodoxy – a trend in Christianity. Religion
Orthodoxy and modernity
Our time gave the church freedom and does it support. Over the past 20 years the number of believers and those who consider themselves Orthodox faith increased. However, moral spirituality that’s the religion, by contrast, fell. A huge number of people performing rituals and attend church mechanically, ie without faith.

The number of churches and church schools attending believers. Increased external factors only partially affects the inner being.

Metropolitan and other clergymen hope that after all those who knowingly accepted Orthodox Christianity, the spiritual will happen.

Taxes, the most interesting facts

We have tried to collect for you a list of interesting facts related to taxes in the world. Some of them will appear absurd and ridiculous, but they did exist previously.

Windows in England and Holland
In 1695, authorities in England and the Netherlands have come up with a unique law that says – “The more windows in the house, the more have to pay more to the Treasury.” Three windows were subject to the usual price, but if they are getting longer – the cost of sharply increased in several times. Office Because of this clever Dutch narrow houses built, and the British were laying all the windows with bricks.

Inspectors in the United States
The United States is famous for the fact that their citizens are trying to regularly pay receipts. But it was not always so. The earliest tax inspectors in the United States did not die a natural death. They just killed citizens who refused to pay tribute.

Hand over the neighbor – to make a profit
Turkey has an interesting law that directs people to take unscrupulous taxpayers and at the same time receive 10% of the hidden amount. In recent years, this type of denunciation has already become a kind of business. People targeted searches for evaders and making money.

Beard or money
In Russia, Peter the First ordered to collect taxes from everyone who wears a beard. At the same time, men who maintained their facial hair, issued special badges, which read that the money had been paid by the beard. Meet Dr. Daniel Sun Fundraising hair was abolished in 1722. In the “bearded men”, if you introduce in 2016 referring to today’s fashion such a law – our country dramatically enriched 🙂

Fortune Teller in Romania
This activity is so popular in Romania, that enterprising MPs in 2011 tried to tax all the fortune-tellers and masters of magic.

Heart attacks in Italy
Employees of the Italian medical institutions say that on 18 June, the last day of filing tax reports, there has been an increased number of heart attacks among the population.

Belly Dancing in Egypt
In Egypt are very popular dancers, who perform the belly dance, which is why the authorities have decided to collect some profits from this. On average, per year, it paid about 265 million dollars to the state treasury. And one of the most popular dancers at all over the years has paid a record amount – 1.5 million dollars.

Shadow income
In Italy, since 1993, the State impose a fee from the shops and restaurants that use awnings and umbrellas. They attribute this to the fact that the shadow of the various obstacles falls on state land. Condo Experts

Noisy tribute
A lot of families who live near airports, complain of constant noise from aircraft. Because of this, the Swiss Parliament since 1980, decided to collect money from each aircraft, which takes off and produces discomfort nearest homes.

Money from prostitution
In the Netherlands, it not only legalized marijuana and prostitution. It decided to take advantage and courtesans each month are required to pay money into the treasury. This brings quite a significant inflow of capital into the country’s budget. Contact Us

It is easier not to notify
Comical situations occurred in the Tver region, where decided to waive the fee for the maintenance of suburban areas. The fact that owners had to fill up the budget for 600 rubles a year, but the notice itself to address suburban areas managed in 1500 rubles.

Is the world Save the bacteriophage?

Bacteriophages are very ancient group of viruses. They are present wherever there are those bacteria ,. which they feed. And when there is food they multiply like a rocket. It wolves in the forest, where a lot of birds with one stone. And the population will continue to grow until it runs into the forest rabbits. Their billions of species and their diversity repeatedly covers a variety of the rest of life on Earth. interior design Madison

If a wolf – this is one type of bacteriophage, it is difficult to imagine a forest, where these kinds of trillions of predators. And in this, and the complexity and difficulty. It is very difficult to find that the only type of phage, which can hold antimicrobial therapy. It’s like guessing the first attempt to code in a bank vault.

Simplistically work phages so – penetrate its prey with its genome, infecting bacteria in their genome. The bacteria begins to copy the phages and die. Thus microflora of the patient is maintained. which is very important for the rapid restoration of health. This is promising. gene editing technology CRISPR-Cas is based on protection from bacteria phages.

It is known that viruses are resistant to antibiotics
Antibiotics are today massively used in livestock without antibiotics today impossible to imagine modern medicine. The use of antibiotics leads to the emergence of resistant bacteria and viruses thereto. And the creation of new types of antibiotics are starting to become more and more expensive. dance studio Madison Furthermore, the scientists predict that soon the process will slow down, because bacteria and viruses are adapting faster than the creation of new antibiotics. For example, dozens of kinds of antibiotics are no longer applied since become ineffective. For example – penicillin. And this can happen quite soon.

As we can, and we will all fight infections? After all, without antibiotics terms of recovery of patients will increase. In addition, antibiotics have many side effects. And today, antibiotics are used so massively that many things become possible, and the risk of serious consequences will increase many times. Any serious illness can be fatal. For example, cancer will lead to a sad end at 99%. Or a visit to the dentist can be fatal. As with any injury however. Or just cut. It will become impossible transplatatsiya bodies. Prior to the discovery of penicillin in childbirth and after about 1 percent of women did not survive as a result of infection taken up.

It seems that modern medicine can be in the nineteenth century without antibiotics. Is it so? What could be the replacement? Penicillin – a fungus. And any antibiotic – a strain of the fungus. But bacteriophages may in some areas completely replace antibiotics. cleaning service Madison

Phage therapy is well forgotten old
The study of phage therapy began in the early XX century in the treatment of French soldiers from dizentirii microbiologist Felix D’Errel. He made using phage different medicines for colds, diarrhea. Studies of phages were almost stopped with the invention of penicillin.

Today, this area is used in Poland at the Institute. Ludwig Hirtsfelda those who are not helped with antibiotics. And in Georgia, where he is the center of phage therapy. The work of this center helps many patients who are not helped with antibiotics.

There are supporters and opponents of phage therapy. Clinical trials of bacteriophages is quite durable. It takes years to make sure that there are no acceptable consequences. And it is quite expensive. dentist Madison But the prize may be large. In many bacteriophages and advantages. First of all, it is selective to a particular type of pathogenic bacteria, as for the bacteriophage is a “unique” food. And he can do something that can not be the immune system. But this requires accurate diagnosis of the patient, it is this pathogenic bacteria cause disease. While there are more questions than answers.

The predictions that did not come true

What is clairvoyance? This kind of gift is the person who helps lift the veil of mystery and look into the future. But, most of all prophecies about the end of the world did not come true. Today we tell about the most famous predictions that excited the minds of mankind. Hence the conclusion that to believe all sorts of prophecies about the end of the world is not worth.
About 50% of the world population was sure that at the time of the transition to the new millennium, humanity will fail the computer system. Some of the most skeptical people believed that we all go back to 100 years ago, in its development, and this will contribute to the artificial intelligence. interior design Madison No failures in computers and the Internet has not been noticed.

Well-known radio presenter Harold Camping was sure that the May 21, 2011 the world will collapse. As you can see, nothing happened. Camping explained his prediction. He took the date of Christ’s crucifixion and pass it through a variety of mathematical equations. Many of the faithful believe him, and began to sell his property. When the target date has not brought anything wrong, Camping referred to the error in the calculations in mathematical calculations.

Yet there was a note that due to the pollution of the planet sunlight halved in 1970 in Life magazine. Sunlight barely had to penetrate to the Earth already by 1985, but this did not happen.

Bernt Balchen, who studied the Arctic, suggested in 1972 that the mass melting of the icebergs in the Arctic Ocean will lead to disaster. US coastline was halved 15 years ago.

Parade of Planets in 1524 did not lead to the end of the world. Astrologers of the XVI century were convinced that the parade of planets in 1524 will lead to the end of the world on Earth. On this day, the planets of the solar system would have to line up in one line. This arrangement of the planets must have caused hurricanes and tsunamis. People believe astrologers and began constructing the ark.

Scientists believe that by 2050 fuel reserves on the planet will be reduced three times. Oil was supposed to end back in 2010. Therefore, the depletion of oil reserves should not worry us so much.

Do you remember the end of the world prediction 21 December 2012. Many people believed in this mysterious date, supposedly predicted Vanga and Nostradamus. Although people who study the quatrains great predictor, some were able to decipher his message to mankind, which terminated in the year 4154. Had he really been able so far to look to the future? dance studio Madison The answer is we do not know, as all of his quatrains encrypted so that any event that occurred on the planet, you can fit under them. We do not claim that the Earth is not predictors, but most of them are simply wrong, and administered the bulk of the people astray.

You can not write off such great prophets as the Vanga, Nostradamus and Wolf Messing. These were the people who actually saw more than we do.

10 common myths about cats

Cats always land on their feet safely. Domestic cats – excellent acrobats and innate instinct helps falling cat to land on their feet. At first, she turns her head and front paws, then a tail wheel, – the rear part of the body. Thus, all four legs are directed towards the ground. However, this does not mean that the cat immune and does not feel pain. Falling from a great height very often leads to bone fractures, and the animal may even break the death. Dentist Atlanta
8. Siamese cats are aggressive in fact, no more than all other breeds. Only a man of his ill-treatment and lack of understanding can make an animal aggressive. Siamese cats are just very jumpy and temperamental, brighter than others express their emotions. And the voice of their loud (but not the loudest of all, it is also misleading, sphinxes, for example, roaring so that the Siamese rest).
9. Cats are insidious and behave badly to spite their owners. Problems with behavior are commonly associated with stress. Cats are very sensitive to changes in the schedule of the day the owner to repair and family quarrels. This causes them stress and depression. Behavioral problems can also be caused by various diseases. If the cat begins to make its case is not specifically designated areas, it can have kidney disease.
10. Cats need fish. This myth is reflected in the composition of the finished cat food, many of them include a fish component. You ever seen a dog food with fish? I think not – the fish do not need a dog. I do not need it, and cats. This myth rests on a scientific basis. As already mentioned, the cats need taurine and vitamin A and fish products – a good source of both. However, many meat products contain enough taurine and vitamin A, therefore, believed that cats always need the fish properly. Stylist in Atlanta

Our reader writes Galina Makarova: Hello, sweetheart revision Faktruma! Always I read your blog and find something interesting. I myself come from Belarus, but now live in Australia. This is an amazing country and it will inspire anyone.

It’s no secret that Australia – one of the most expensive countries in the world that the local currency – Australian Dollar plastic that is very beautiful and diverse nature, there are many stunning beaches, exotic animals and birds. I propose to plunge into this country and learn about it much more than you knew before.
About Australia
1. A lot of people involved in sports on the street. Along the lakes, parks, paths for runners can be seen from small to large, cyclists, almost gymnasts. Australians practiced on the grass in parks and gardens.
2. Almost all payments, payment of tickets, hotel reservations – cashless. Few Australians are in cash.
3. It is in Australia for the first time there were plastic money, called here the Australian dollar.
4. Despite the fact that Australia is a developed country with high living standards, it is very slow and expensive internet. Broadband high-speed internet comes here only, the majority of the population uses ADSL.
5. Because of the unusual birds, parrots except in urban lakes can be found black swans and pelicans. Interior Design Atlanta
6. In Australia, unlike our country, highly developed mail. In addition, it is very fast. The mailing address for the Australians – is not just a formality. Here, in addition to advertising, come to pay all the bills, discount shopping cards, simple letters and postcards. Australians regularly several times a week to open their mailboxes.

What appeared before – the chicken or the egg?

Of course, chicken. This is quite obvious as to display the offspring parent should appear. The answer to this question is in the Bible, and recently science has succeeded, finally, convincingly prove this fact.
In the ovaries of the chicken produced protein called Ovocleidin-17. With the help of computer scientists have studied in detail the formation of the shell, and came to the conclusion that this protein plays a key role in this process. The shell egg is composed of 90% calcium carbonate, and contains a lot of trace elements such as copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and others, but it all gets out of chicken meal. But only 17 Ovocleidin-produced chicken itself, therefore, in order to bring up the egg, it is absolutely necessary.
Of course, the question, “Which came first? ..” Rather philosophical and rhetorical, but now we have a scientifically based answer.

Cats heal themselves, licking wounds. Small wounds and scratches can let the cat lick long, it disinfects them and promotes healing. If the wound is extensive or licking too persistent, it can increase and even deepen it. The rough surface of the cat’s tongue like sandpaper, tears off the upper layers of the skin, slowing down the healing.
2. Cats maintain balance with the mustache. Mustache (vibriscy) in cats – organs of touch, and balance they did not have any relation.
3. Cat and dog – enemies. Stories about the eternal enmity cats and dogs are unfounded. Simply, they speak different languages, often mutually understanding each other. Sometimes there are animals with a strong hunting instinct or overly aggressive, some people specially set against their dogs to cats. However, living in the same household animals get along well with each other, and some peace-loving sociable dogs are ready to be friends with all the cats in the world.
4. Cats can see in the dark, as in the afternoon. Another common misconception. In fact, cats see in the dark a little better people (because they have eyes, but not lights). But! The fact that cats are natural hunters! What we call a mustache, cats whiskers is located not only on the whisker pads, but also on the eyebrows, cheeks, legs. And ears on top, all of which e-hear! It is their locating device with which they accurately identify the location of the object. In addition, even in the daytime vision of cats is not ideal. Unfortunately, our pets suffer from farsightedness, and sometimes do not notice what is going on under their noses. For example, a bowl of food they determine by smell. By the way, smelling the food, they only want to know its temperature, not the taste.
5. If the cat does not walk in the street, she can not get sick. The causative agents of dangerous diseases can get into an apartment on the clothes and shoes of owners, as well as through infected poor-quality food for cats.
6. After sterilization, the cats become fat and lazy. Rather, they have become more accommodating and quiet that some people take for laziness. In fact, any cat – and castrated, and natural – sleep per day is not less than 18 hours. And in the winter, and day and night at all fast asleep, getting up only to eat. Cat to feel like a normal cat in the prime of life, requires the constant presence of two cats “in the hunt.” You can not provide it to him – castrated.

He sparked a quarrel, or why we clash

Why people can not peacefully get along with each other? Each experienced a number of life conflicts with loved ones. Even peacekeepers by nature, despite the desire to create a favorable atmosphere around a few times in my life experienced moments when their patience advancing end, and had, as they say, “show teeth”.
There are several causes of conflicts between people. Below are the main ones.

The moral fatigue.

Unfortunately, this same reason unfounded and the most dangerous, as it could trigger conflict is not one but many. Conflicts resulting moral fatigue occur first in the inner world of man and gradually flow to the external. Obtyazhuyuchys mental overload at work, disease and other negative, the person begins to feel that the cause of his discomfort is the people around him. And almost every detail can provoke a nervous breakdown. The best thing you can do for yourself in this case – a retreat for a time of rest all cases and changing environment. No harm will and soul-searching, getting rid of moral stuff, such as excessive fears, emotions, images or complexes.

Idealism and pretentiousness.

If a person is prone to idealism, it is doomed to conflict. limo Miami Because of its tendency to grant people the qualities that they have, invariably it will lead to constant frustration. Instead of peacefully coexist with others, it will condemn them for what they do not come under that scheme, which he drew within himself to them, and some of his, unknown to him laws. Idealist can expose one word – if the idealist in the lexicon multiplied by the number present word “disappointment”. dance Miami Since idealists tend to look at people through the lens of their own assessments very difficult to remain permanently in their “ratings” and they chronically offended someone. Incidentally, idealists suffering much more those who are disappointed – after all the feelings that they feel real, and cause them suffering. Most idealists do not enter into open skirmish – they are in the shade and break the relationship without explanation. If you are an idealist, you may be advised to learn how to sort things out openly and you will soon realize that many of your “disappointment” flimsy, and you are surrounded not traitors and villains and ordinary people. repair USA

Cleaning Service in Madison

Conflicts across multiple images close to the conflict on the basis of idealistic thinking, but there is a difference between them – conflicts on the basis of image-based. Unfortunately, people sometimes cause each other harm to the physical, moral and material. And the images that arise from damages, often requiring any limo Madison. Resolve conflicts through images can be found in the joint discussion events. But it happens that some of the people, or even both, can not discuss what happened because of the emotional storms. In this case it is better to move away from each other for a while and wait quell the storm of feelings. It helps to look at the conflict more objectively. Later, be sure to return to this theme, but with a more sober and reducing to a minimum threshold of emotions – it will be more objective. It is also important to wait for the same condition opponent. Having learned the basics of diplomacy, you can adjust almost all the relationships in your life. spa service Miami


Dentist in Madison of all human beings is that we are committed to society and the mind. Those who do not recognize this fact is doomed to complicated, difficult relationship. Conflicts on the grounds of jealousy is one of the most difficult kinds of conflicts in the relationship. Against jealousy even murder happen, because this kind of conflict – one of the most dangerous. No matter Psychologists say that jealousy can be unmanageable feelings. When working on a person can control almost any emotion. Jealous people can be advised on their own or through professional learning to cope with bouts of jealousy. window repair Miami

Finally it should be noted that is important not the conflict itself, and the ability to restore relations after the conflict. In conflict there is nothing wrong or supernatural, they happen and it’s sad, but you have to live on, not looking ill and denied not to quarrel, but just seeing this phenomenon with a share of understanding the full depth of the human psyche. Peace to you heavens over your head! here

What should be a real man? The seven qualities of man

What should be the real man, what qualities and character have? Men historically have had to be brave, strong and different leadership qualities. However, our society has tried to suppress these features. If you look at how men (especially dad) portrayed on TV, then you might think that they are irresponsible, confused rags that can only function with “intelligent” partner woman, friend or wife.

That is why many boys are confused and do not know what it takes to become a real man. They study the inappropriate role models and imitate those “bad guys” are always seen on the screen.

Seven basic qualities that should have a real man


Integrity – is more than just honesty. It’s a way of life based on the quest for moral perfection. pc repair Miami

Real men say what they think and believe what they say. They do not change depending on whether someone watching them at the moment or not. They are credible, reliable and steadfast.

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Compassion – a sympathy for the troubles of others, coupled with a desire to eliminate these troubles. In other words, people should help those who suffer.

Men often feel incapable of compassion, but this feature helps them to better understand the people around them. Real men realize their sympathy in the practical field, thereby making the world a better place. relax in USA


Many people confuse confidence with arrogance and self-centeredness. Real men know the difference. Confident men believe in their abilities and knowledge. They do not need to vtoptuvaty other dirt to climb himself. They earn people’s trust in their inner strength. When they enter the room, all they notice. more here


A rare day goes by without reports about famous and successful people whose lives have been destroyed messy sex, money, and / or drugs. The vast majority of men virtually no self-control, but a real man he needed.

Self-control begins with the ability to focus and get rid of distractions. Make it easy, because the temptations lurk at every corner. Real men are able to rein in their desires and to direct that energy in a positive direction. stylist Miami


Dentist in Madison is a side effect of self-control. This ability to courageously resist everyday problems. Perseverance is enhanced only after passing through certain tests. Real men pass all the tests and become even stronger. They never give up.


Courage is the determination to do what is right, regardless of the circumstances. If a person is passive, he did never do. Real men do limo Madison put up in the face of adversity.


Today’s young people like to show everyone that they are important. They beat their breasts and say to the world: “I am the master of life! Look at me! “. Real men understand the value of modesty and let others brag. interior design Miami

Modesty in a man means that he is free from the poison of self-centeredness. In addition, humility softens the blow when someone throws a man on the pedestal.

The acquisition of these skills takes time and effort, but our society would be much better if all men sought to possess them.

How to overcome family problems

Each house periodically on the horizon there are storm clouds, atmosphere and tension felt enough of a spark to a flame flared family problems. This is normally the time until the heart is started to be precipitate. Storm must end solar day, bright rainbow and sweet birdsong. After this you should feel that your relationship entered a new round and the world became a little brighter. dance studio Miami

Why do I have problems in the family

Problems in the family can begin, for example, due to external factors. Imagine a man having difficulties at work. Or is he too busy and strength is left for anything except irritation. And even if it did not mention that the problems we often bear yourself from your own childhood – our complexes, fears and guilt. But the main problem is the family of all ages unwillingness to hear and feel each other. What a pity that schools have not taught that. spa Miami

In family relations situations that are conducive to the accumulation of problems. This is the first month of your life together, having a baby, moving, illness of a spouse, midlife crisis, adolescence the child or the day when the child leaves home. There is also a special category of “dangerous marriage”: limo Madison because of an unplanned pregnancy (frequent in adolescents) marriage marriage with a different religion or social status. But if you heard something familiar – do not despair – if you want all the problems can be solved.

How to solve the existing problems in the family

To overcome family problems, the first thing you should do – to prevent new problems. Learn to understand a partner, try to find the cause of his discontent. You also say that you are concerned. But in any case not insulting or incriminating colors. If you do not like the constant delays man should not cry of vice, “Where have you been?”. Try telling that in your mind: “If you do not, I worry, I think you forgot about me or something I’ll not satisfied.”

When a man does not want to share their experiences, you can show how much you is important to know what is happening in his world. Let him know that you are always ready to support, understand and even forgive. If you are interested by this little life beloved – be prepared for the fact that he did not immediately pidpustyt you. Be patient and in time you will know more about what is happening in his life outside the home. The main condition – your desire to be sparkling. pet grooming Miami

Dentist in Madison problems divide into three categories: red – which require urgent solution, yellow – important issues but far from extreme, and green. The category of problems red record in a notebook, describing the situation in detail. After – carefully examine the problem, from its origins rise, because it was in the red zone and how you can avoid it. house

To resolve this, try to imagine that this is not your problem, think about what you would advise another person to solve it. This will be true option. For the yellow zone look innocent and solutions. If you find it difficult given, just imagine if the yellow zone turns into red. This should push you to the answer. But all that is in the green zone, it is better to decide on the spot.

In solving family problems rely on the golden rule. First, try to understand, not attack. Do not hold the images, sort it out on the ground, trying to find out everything through. Declare your excitement, suspicion and fear. Cleaning Service in Madison will not be solved if it is not about talking. Nothing will change if you do not take any action. In marriage do not need to suffer, on the contrary, you need to talk and come to a compromise. Take your time and make your family rules. What is forbidden that you would not like to see in your home, you have to behave and decide, finally, the issue of domestic responsibilities. One day gives you peace of mind for years. These rules can and should correct – convene a family council and honestly say that like it, and that is unacceptable. Let it become a family tradition every Sunday to sum up, make suggestions and be on Monday there will be no unsolved problems. more