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Who do you see yourself in five years?

This question often asked at the interview. It can confound, especially if you are over him ever thought. Or speculated, but the response was something like this: “It would just get a normal job and work on it, and we’ll see.”

To make it easier to dentist Madison to it, decide to start what type of career you the most suitable:

or horizontal?
Vertical career

This movement up the notorious ranks. When achievements in the professional field measured step that you borrow.

For example, in the accountant may be the following stages:

Assistant Accountant
accountant at one of the sites,
dance studio in Madison
and perhaps the CFO.
Typical vertical career can be seen in the army or the public administration.

Naturally, at every job level increases the degree of responsibility of tasks. As a result, you achieve leadership positions where the transition to the next level increases the number of employees. Oh, and best of all, is that the growing wage.

Horizontal career

It’s like growth “ushyr.” That is the way to increase trade.

Suppose you are a seamstress, do-measure. Then you grow up, in fact, nowhere. Become the main seamstress or head of the department does not threaten you, because except you no one. But how can you say that you are spa services Madison in a place that does not grow your professionalism? Of course not! With every order made perfect technique, you start to do faster and better operations. Tackle the more complex orders.

Horizontal career is not just those who work alone. “Grow in breadth” prefer many journalists, designers, IT-shnykiv, experts in various fields.

There are two options:

deepen – while improving specialist in any one direction (eg, seamstress specializing exclusively in sewing gowns, each time taking more and more complex styles);

expansion, mastery of related professions (eg when the seamstress is also zakriynytseyu manager and sales of their products).

Growth Excellence in the case of horizontal career can be encouraged payments for retirement. A high fees for their services. Often the window repair Madison with a capital “attached” to train newcomers. Provide new and interesting projects. Payment for their labor also increases with increasing skill.

In life, these two types of careers often combined. Since the transition to a higher level in the job hierarchy becomes possible with increasing professionalism and therefore offer good professionals often lead department or direction.

The main thing – pet grooming Madison┬ámain vector

First, give yourself what type of career you closer – grow up or outwards?

Next, think and write better, for you will be the greatest career success (what position, what level of professionalism).