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Work and family balance for modern parents

While the economy continues its sluggish recovery, the financial problems of many of today’s parents are still relevant. And if you come back to work (full or part time in the office or at home), then your life changes.

And then you have to learn to find a reasonable balance between

responsible work
and the needs of the family.
Most of us already know the importance of being organized, do not hesitate to ask for help from people we trust and know when to “stop.” But what else can we do to learn to relax when we are at home, and enjoy communication with our families?

Since I returned to work full-time at home I have two small children, the question for me is very relevant. Maybe it seems absurd that I speak dentist Madison a position of authority, while Breast am bringing on a business trip across the country and struggled trying to schedule, including visits to the doctor, ballet lessons and preschool classes. But I really want to introduce you to several ways of psychological adaptation to help you maintain your rhythm loaded schedule. I also hope it will inspire you, and you share your thoughts in the comments.

“Eat morning frog”

Pays tribute Noise Oksenrayderu, author of one of my favorite posts on Simple Mom, Start Your Day by Eating a Frog ( «Eat the morning frog”). Her article has radically changed my working hours. Here is what wrote Tysh.

As Mark Twain said, “If the morning to eat a frog, the rest day will be wonderful because the worst is over.” In other dance studio in Madison, if you “eat a frog,” that is the first thing in the morning tackle the most embarrassing item in your to-do list, you see that your work is fruitful, and the rest of the day feeling relaxed.

Many of us are afraid to do this “one thing” and keep it aside, either monthly sales plan or a pile of unwashed clothes, which is constantly increasing.

But when we decide to do the worst first and finally consigned better, the rest of the day goes surprisingly smoothly.

Learn to separate from one another

In our male colleagues succeed. And we women tend to bind aspects of our lives. But, after all, can we gather everything into a whole, is not it?

I’m not saying that we should ignore your instincts God – not at all. I say that if you find yourself at work, which takes you to your family for a certain time, try the practice of separation of one business from another, using it in reasonable quantities.

This means that if you work, you spend that spa services Madison focusing only on current problems (of course, to exclude cases of emergency and urgent needs of your family). Do not check personal email and avoid aimless, devouring time challenges that hinder perform the work in time.

Conversely, when you get home, send your energy to the needs of your family. Make your sacred family dinner (and naturally, they should be) and take time to just play with your kids. If you have to “engage in work” to check email or do something urgently, do it after the children fall sleep.

Separation of powers will make your work much more productive and your precious time at home is much nicer.

Special time

For men

To maintain a healthy relationship with a man it is important to hold together the evening. This helps keep the relationship open. Also recalls that the need to enjoy each other’s company outside of everyday duty.

For children

In working mothers do not have much time to spend with his children, but they can give the impression of memories that will last a long time.

If you work outside the home, it is window repair Madison to occasionally take off to have a “mother’s day” and be able to stay with the children one by one. Go on a trip to the zoo, get decorating dishes in pottery workshops, arrange a picnic in the park. Make this day special and dedicate his only children. This time not just like them, you too will be waiting for him with impatience.

Recently I went to work full-time. Like most mothers, now I have no choice. Many, especially single mothers, this choice does not. This is our reality.

It must be admitted that the pet grooming Madison balance between work and private life impossible, but every day we do everything we can. These tips will help you organize your life, despite the fact that the balance is not perfect.

Finding a balance between work and family – it’s working, but at the same time, an opportunity for a fresh look at your life.

I learned to appreciate appreciated the long hours that people spend at work. When I get time for children, trying to hold it fully with them. I learned

set goals,
to work hard
and cherish special moments, precious and fleeting.