Hydrate your skin from the inside out


Before going out into the cold air, especially in windy weather, the face is not recommended to wash. Instead of soap is necessary to apply lotions to match your skin type. By May, when the heating season is stopped and the temperature and humidity rise, the sebaceous glands begin to excrete more fat. Therefore, at this time, you can switch to more powerful means of cleansing the skin, but it should be very careful to not over-bought a means dries the skin.
No matter, whether the use of decorative cosmetics or not, the skin should be cleaned 2 times a day – morning and evening. Once you have removed the makeup with the help of cosmetic milk or cream, wash with warm or cool water (depending on your skin type). But we should not wash with soap lump, even “the most proven” and “best” vendors! Prefer liquid cream or gel for washing. Pick foam, mousse or gel for washing, depending on skin type and all rinse with warm water. However it is better to use boiled or purified water added.
Hydration and nutrition

Most often, for the winter skin is dull, dry and irritated. She needs gentle cleansing and nutritional support in the form of masks and applications.
As will be much warmer start using lighter moisturizers, water-based, preferably odorless and anti-inflammatory effects – they do not clog the pores. This is important because in the spring the temperature rises intensified sweating, which creates a favorable environment for the formation of acne. It should also gradually start to switch from winter regimen of creams for the summer. That is, as a day to start again, use a moisturizing light cream and a fat nourishing cream applied at night.
In spring it is recommended to apply anti-stress makeup that well restores tired skin. It is composed of vitamins A, C, E, collagen, panthenol, various acids and oils, and antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals. Since the spring the skin becomes more sensitive and prone to irritation, it is advisable to choose the means designed for sensitive skin.
in order to maintain the shape of the skin, you should regularly make nourishing and moisturizing mask for the face, neck and d̩collet̩. Cosmetic mask Рa convenient and affordable way to skin care at home. The systematic use of masks improves circulation, restores the elasticity of the skin, cleanses and reduces pores, improves the complexion.

UV protection

If you think that by the spring sun is not necessarily to defend, you are much mistaken. The spring sun is dangerous for our skin. So do not forget to use sunscreen not only when leaving the country, but also in the ordinary urban make-up. For those who are concerned about the appearance of freckles, you should use protective equipment with the highest SPF or special drugs that block the effects of the sun on the skin. This is especially true for women who are prone to the formation of pigmentation and freckles.
Freckles (pigment spots) appear on the delicate skin in the spring, are held throughout the summer and autumn or winter fade or disappear altogether. Freckles may begin to appear in childhood, and after 40 years, they often disappear. If they bother you, you can apply the bleach both natural and industrial production.
If you want to look a little sunburned, it is better not to sunbathe in the sun, which is certainly bad for the skin, and tanning use. They will give the desired shade, without causing skin damage.
UNIVERSAL Guiding for all ages and skin types

– During the day drink at least 1.5 liters. mineral water (one of the reasons of insufficient wetting of the skin);

– Try to be outdoors, stick mode, sleep;

– Watch for mimicry, not frowning, not schurtes. After the first wrinkles appear not to age, and the emotions;

– Watch out for health: the cause of dull complexion, pogrubevshey skin, the appearance of age spots can be the presence of some diseases (gynecological, gastrointestinal, endocrine, etc.), And the condition of the skin always reflects the internal processes of the whole organism;

– Regular evening cleansing procedure. To remove makeup, use only special tools, after which there is a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

– Purification is performed using care, soft scrubs and masks. Refrain from intense until peeling or grinding, they increase skin sensitivity to UV rays;

– Do steam baths for the face, try to go to the bath.

– Buy cosmetics only in specialized stores (sections). This prevents you from not high-quality products;

– When buying, check expiration dates.