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Is the world Save the bacteriophage?

Bacteriophages are very ancient group of viruses. They are present wherever there are those bacteria ,. which they feed. And when there is food they multiply like a rocket. It wolves in the forest, where a lot of birds with one stone. And the population will continue to grow until it runs into the forest rabbits. Their billions of species and their diversity repeatedly covers a variety of the rest of life on Earth. interior design Madison

If a wolf – this is one type of bacteriophage, it is difficult to imagine a forest, where these kinds of trillions of predators. And in this, and the complexity and difficulty. It is very difficult to find that the only type of phage, which can hold antimicrobial therapy. It’s like guessing the first attempt to code in a bank vault.

Simplistically work phages so – penetrate its prey with its genome, infecting bacteria in their genome. The bacteria begins to copy the phages and die. Thus microflora of the patient is maintained. which is very important for the rapid restoration of health. This is promising. gene editing technology CRISPR-Cas is based on protection from bacteria phages.

It is known that viruses are resistant to antibiotics
Antibiotics are today massively used in livestock without antibiotics today impossible to imagine modern medicine. The use of antibiotics leads to the emergence of resistant bacteria and viruses thereto. And the creation of new types of antibiotics are starting to become more and more expensive. dance studio Madison Furthermore, the scientists predict that soon the process will slow down, because bacteria and viruses are adapting faster than the creation of new antibiotics. For example, dozens of kinds of antibiotics are no longer applied since become ineffective. For example – penicillin. And this can happen quite soon.

As we can, and we will all fight infections? After all, without antibiotics terms of recovery of patients will increase. In addition, antibiotics have many side effects. And today, antibiotics are used so massively that many things become possible, and the risk of serious consequences will increase many times. Any serious illness can be fatal. For example, cancer will lead to a sad end at 99%. Or a visit to the dentist can be fatal. As with any injury however. Or just cut. It will become impossible transplatatsiya bodies. Prior to the discovery of penicillin in childbirth and after about 1 percent of women did not survive as a result of infection taken up.

It seems that modern medicine can be in the nineteenth century without antibiotics. Is it so? What could be the replacement? Penicillin – a fungus. And any antibiotic – a strain of the fungus. But bacteriophages may in some areas completely replace antibiotics. cleaning service Madison

Phage therapy is well forgotten old
The study of phage therapy began in the early XX century in the treatment of French soldiers from dizentirii microbiologist Felix D’Errel. He made using phage different medicines for colds, diarrhea. Studies of phages were almost stopped with the invention of penicillin.

Today, this area is used in Poland at the Institute. Ludwig Hirtsfelda those who are not helped with antibiotics. And in Georgia, where he is the center of phage therapy. The work of this center helps many patients who are not helped with antibiotics.

There are supporters and opponents of phage therapy. Clinical trials of bacteriophages is quite durable. It takes years to make sure that there are no acceptable consequences. And it is quite expensive. dentist Madison But the prize may be large. In many bacteriophages and advantages. First of all, it is selective to a particular type of pathogenic bacteria, as for the bacteriophage is a “unique” food. And he can do something that can not be the immune system. But this requires accurate diagnosis of the patient, it is this pathogenic bacteria cause disease. While there are more questions than answers.

The predictions that did not come true

What is clairvoyance? This kind of gift is the person who helps lift the veil of mystery and look into the future. But, most of all prophecies about the end of the world did not come true. Today we tell about the most famous predictions that excited the minds of mankind. Hence the conclusion that to believe all sorts of prophecies about the end of the world is not worth.
About 50% of the world population was sure that at the time of the transition to the new millennium, humanity will fail the computer system. Some of the most skeptical people believed that we all go back to 100 years ago, in its development, and this will contribute to the artificial intelligence. interior design Madison No failures in computers and the Internet has not been noticed.

Well-known radio presenter Harold Camping was sure that the May 21, 2011 the world will collapse. As you can see, nothing happened. Camping explained his prediction. He took the date of Christ’s crucifixion and pass it through a variety of mathematical equations. Many of the faithful believe him, and began to sell his property. When the target date has not brought anything wrong, Camping referred to the error in the calculations in mathematical calculations.

Yet there was a note that due to the pollution of the planet sunlight halved in 1970 in Life magazine. Sunlight barely had to penetrate to the Earth already by 1985, but this did not happen.

Bernt Balchen, who studied the Arctic, suggested in 1972 that the mass melting of the icebergs in the Arctic Ocean will lead to disaster. US coastline was halved 15 years ago.

Parade of Planets in 1524 did not lead to the end of the world. Astrologers of the XVI century were convinced that the parade of planets in 1524 will lead to the end of the world on Earth. On this day, the planets of the solar system would have to line up in one line. This arrangement of the planets must have caused hurricanes and tsunamis. People believe astrologers and began constructing the ark.

Scientists believe that by 2050 fuel reserves on the planet will be reduced three times. Oil was supposed to end back in 2010. Therefore, the depletion of oil reserves should not worry us so much.

Do you remember the end of the world prediction 21 December 2012. Many people believed in this mysterious date, supposedly predicted Vanga and Nostradamus. Although people who study the quatrains great predictor, some were able to decipher his message to mankind, which terminated in the year 4154. Had he really been able so far to look to the future? dance studio Madison The answer is we do not know, as all of his quatrains encrypted so that any event that occurred on the planet, you can fit under them. We do not claim that the Earth is not predictors, but most of them are simply wrong, and administered the bulk of the people astray.

You can not write off such great prophets as the Vanga, Nostradamus and Wolf Messing. These were the people who actually saw more than we do.

For the first step requires willpower

Willpower – is the internal energy that helps a person achieve the goal. Of course, every achievement associated with overcoming obstacles.

It will power helps a person to move forward, overcoming fear billini.

Any business related difficulties and brought to an end, strengthens your will. Far during the life we consciously or unconsciously train our will. From childhood we cleaning madison heavy task for us. Subsequently, these tasks are becoming more complex and independent adult life, we already have a certain reserve of willpower.

The main difficulty in raising willpower is the first step and doubts. It is difficult – it’s the first step. He sometimes seems to be the most difficult and useless. Then your body gets used, will get stronger and you all seem not so scary.

In order to facilitate the first step, try to create a comfortable environment for him. Then the primary load will seem not dance studio Madison strong. An example is the decision to do jogging man. It is much easier to start this business in the summer – the best weather conditions, everything is green. Looking at all this, you will feel more comfortable. Now imagine that you wake wish nasty rainy autumn morning.

Other difficulties – doubts. This is the most dangerous factor. They sometimes do not allow us to take the first step. The more you doubt, the less chance you have of success.

To achieve the goal you have to make super. Usually they are expressed not only in certain physical and psychological stress, but the rejection of anything to meet certain conditions (elementary example – diet). At the beginning is that a certain regime is the biggest challenge that requires activation of willpower. The farther you are from the beginning, the austerity that is perceived easier. But at some point you must visit doubt – why should I give up on something? Time is not thrown doubt make you turn from the right path. click

We often can see that some people perform certain sverkhzadacha, straining, teeth clenched. Such people often reach their goal, but it can not reach due to some reason, and contrary. In this case the driving force is the release of negative energy, coupled with unnecessary persistence. This consumes a lot more effort than when calm action.

Volitional people treat sverkhzadacha quiet. They are consistent, they are not afraid of failure. For strong-willed people achieve the goal – it’s not a fight with the world, and the training of their willpower. They are taking it pretty simple and achieve success more likely, spending less effort. more here 

Willpower can work wonders. We see the results of her actions every day, but do not know where it is taken to be stored and how to act. We know that it can be developed, but do not know how to awaken.

Lack of willpower makes a person a kind of zombie. It can not independently make and implement decisions. His fate – to adapt to the world. Such people are usually harmless and never reach high goals. more

The presence of dreams – a distinctive feature of the human animal. But the goal-setting does not guarantee its achievement. Everyone should find themselves the positive qualities that help her in solving this problem.

Compassion and reaching out to others – positive human trait. Such people are finding ways to help others, but sometimes helpless in solving their own problems. In solving the problem of passing it operates will power, while spa services Madison to solve their own problems willpower to sleep. Even at birth Nature provides us certain genetic building blocks. Willpower is a kind of cement. Only depends on us, we will build on it, to be our strong building. In this case, only relying on the innate and acquired qualities, supported by strength of will, we can achieve some success in life.

You have to choose a target. Goals determine the level of human development. The animal they are limited to food and reproduction. In Homo sapiens goals should be directed not only to solve their financial problems and other material. Their decision should bring some benefit to society. Without fail the goal is to help you grow spiritually, gain new knowledge and skills. read here

At birth, we are pleased that we are. Then we appear objective. We are starting to pursue. Receiving the first interim results, we realize that our efforts are not in vain, something that we can. After all, when we did something global in life, made it his cherished desire, we have a sense of satisfaction and pride in his way and result. info

When a person can not take the first step towards this goal, it looks for the cause. But, in fact, it just mostly do not want it. Sometimes her presence is more important goal than to achieve it. It can collect will in a fist, limit yourself something to an end. He wants a decision is arrived. Such people are always in full or alone, or in a state of chaotic motion. This type people will never be a leader, a politician, a famous singer, musician. This requires even self-sacrifice.

How to build relationships in the new team?

We all want to impress, especially if you come to a new team.

Not always these relations develop successful way that often causes nervousness. What to do in this situation is to build relationships in the new team?

If you are an office worker, dressed more modestly in the style of the office. It seems the man up from the early days of communication. Not allowed daring bright outfits cleaning madison, not the carnival. In many companies, has a dress code, you no exception, so must fulfill general requirements.

Do not be intrusive in dialogue with colleagues, prydyvlyaytesya. There may soon be so-called “friends of friends”, which is also the all can tell. Do not jump to conclusions if you do not personally know the man. Ask for the name and surname to man, and lest we forget, it is recommended to record all the names and the names of employees in a notebook. info

Know as his jokes are not kidding with those who are poorly versed in the mood, you offend him only a joke. Prydyvlyaytesya of employees that manifest themselves in business. Do not tell me their secrets and does not share his opinion with employees who are very talkative. They can not keep secrets. You just do not dance studio Madison too much, but do not be a hermit. Everything is good in moderation. If you do not know something, do not be afraid to ask a more experienced employee. This is considered the norm, you for that no one condemn. You should not deny the employee, who asked for help to do some work. But do not be a boy or a girl to pobihushkah. Tactfully refuse and not engage in polemics.

In the event of a conflict, do not get on someone’s side, you should be just your opinion, if you are being asked to express it, express it.

If you are in a team where the director of middle-aged man, you can just talk, without unnecessary conversations. Learn how to feel, wife and grandchildren. Disaster, when your boss is young and inexperienced. In these heads of competent staff do not stay. madisonspaserv.onandoff.top

Female Chief of the experience, you always help. Dare ask it to advise you on all questions.

Young female chief inexperienced, it will show their moods. You will need patience and calm if you want to work here. click

If a young woman and a clever head, try not swear to it, but rather to Build Relationships. Be discreet, honestly perform the work assigned to you and the success you achieved.

If the boss zhinkonenavysnytsya, it is better not to work in a team. madisonpetsgrooming.made-from.top

If you want to stay in the team, they leave all their problems outside of work. Be proactive and do not be afraid to learn. And you will become a full member of the team.

Career: 9 easy rules

Learn what to do to succeed in their profession. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

Read some simple tips to use that will help you become a successful woman.

1. Ask friend at work that you have “lack” and learn to control yourself, not to irritate colleagues and bosses. In other nonverbal signs like roll heads the idea that cleaning madison not only in themselves but in what you are doing.

2. Do not try to do everything yourself. Interns, prymaymni, intelligent, probably in a state vidkseryty documents. And you will have time to solve complex problems.

3. Do not discuss your dream job with colleagues. If the company resigned the position that perfectly suits you, tell us about it bare.

4. You must always look good! read

5. Do not zasydzhuytesya at work. The result of your work so much more than the number of hours spent in the office.

6. Be present at the meetings. Not just physically. If during an important meeting, you check your email on your phone, furtively dance studio Madison SMS or trying to pass a new level in Angry Birds, no one will think that you are able to do several things at once. All decide that you can not participate in the discussion of important tasks.

7. Read, learn and see all the news relating to your field of activity, including those appearing in blogs.

8. share common interests. If you talk with the leaders say: “At the conference I met a beautiful girl. I think we just lacked a specialist, “even the head will be clear that you think not only about themselves but also about the future of the company.

9. Do not be shy to show enthusiasm. dance studio Madison

6 reasons to have a successful blog

Sometimes the path to success here takes a lot of time, energy and effort. But how to make the road to success was not very thorny and brought more joy and satisfaction?

Bodo Schaeffer in his best-selling book “The path to financial independence”, recommended to have success and blog every day there to dentist Madison all of their successful achievements, compliments and praise in his address. But perhaps you are now concerned with the question – what is needed for what purpose?

First: Blog Success – a great tool for self-motivation and personal self-development, allows you to experience steady period of failures, dance studio Madison happen almost every person. In this period, just look at the success of your blog and remember what you deserve.

Second: blog success will take you not only in the difficult moments of your life. It can be read when you just do not have the motivation or confidence.

Thirdly, due to the success diary you can work out at the important habit of successful people – concentration on personal achievements, get to know their strengths, improve self-esteem.

Fourth: The law of gravity still has not been canceled. Similarly it works for human life. cleanservmadison.yourchose.top

Fifthly, analyzing their records, you can better understand which areas of your life require the use of their efforts.

Sixth, successful blog will give you a wonderful incentive to move forward, achieve new goals. read

Wrote in his diary only the successes and achievements that are directly related to your major goals. For example, you dream of becoming a chef? Then, if you prepare a tasty dish – safely burn it in your blog. madisonwindrep.onandoff.top

And of course, take care of the look of your blog. It should cause only positive emotions, to be pleasing to the eye. Let this be a good notebook or diary, because in it you will record all their successes. madisonpetsgrooming.made-from.top