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Could kings marry for love?

As is known, the clergy was strongly against divorce, whether it’s family or commoner dignitaries. However, some kings of the law was not written. window repair Madison They neglected church prohibitions, married to who wanted, and got divorced, when they want. What was further with their wives, monarchs little concern. The best option was to banish the annoying little wife to the monastery. Who is most clearly “lit”, entered the history as the fickle husband? Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

Unusually often changed their narrowed Henry VIII. The first wife he “had inherited” by his older brother. Union it was necessary for the consent of England and Spain. Married, one after another appeared the girl (though dying in infancy), but Henry Crown Prince needed. Then he asked for permission from the Pope to divorce. When it was refused, the king broke off relations with the pope, and his wife sent to a remote castle. The second wife of Henry became Anne Boleyn. The one that for treason, was executed. Then the royal bed separated maid Boleyn, Jane Seymour, then Anne of Cleves. cleaning service Madison The last he had seen only in the portrait, and examined more closely before the wedding, sent home. Next wife – a cousin of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard – as well as her cousin “lost his head” on the scaffold because of infidelity. Finally Catherine Parr spent with Henry VIII rest of his life. It is not difficult to calculate that the irrepressible Heinrich replaced six wives.

Philip II, who ruled France nearly 40 years, had to replace all three spouses. But how!? The first died in childbirth. King rushed to search for a suitable party. First he drew a dowry (not appearance) of the Danish princess Ingeborg. Not having time to marry, Philip gave up the new queen on the pretext of hostility and aversion to it. But the dowry left in his hands. According to the resolution of the Pope’s marriage was dissolved, but the French Kingdom was banned all church activities. So Philip could not marry a second time – that did not stop the royals. The wife he chose Agnes of Merania. dentist Madison After her sudden death, he returned to the palace Ingeborg, and did finally her his queen with all rights and privileges.

The most “expressive” and suspicious wives often gives way to Russia was Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible. Historical chronicles tell of the seven wives of the king. The most favorite, as historians say, was the first wife of Ivan – Anastasia Zakharyin. On it he had married in the age of seventeen and lived for 13 years. Then she died, dealing a heavy blow to the psyche of the ruler. Then Ivan the Terrible spent his life with Mary Temryukovoy, Martha Sobakina, Kotlovskoy Anna, Anna Vasilchikova Vasilisa Melentieva. All of them died quickly, someone from the disease, who were buried alive. Last wife – Martha Nude – induced melancholy of the king, for he was thinking of it has to get rid of. But … he died. stylist Madison

Is the world Save the bacteriophage?

Bacteriophages are very ancient group of viruses. They are present wherever there are those bacteria ,. which they feed. And when there is food they multiply like a rocket. It wolves in the forest, where a lot of birds with one stone. And the population will continue to grow until it runs into the forest rabbits. Their billions of species and their diversity repeatedly covers a variety of the rest of life on Earth. interior design Madison

If a wolf – this is one type of bacteriophage, it is difficult to imagine a forest, where these kinds of trillions of predators. And in this, and the complexity and difficulty. It is very difficult to find that the only type of phage, which can hold antimicrobial therapy. It’s like guessing the first attempt to code in a bank vault.

Simplistically work phages so – penetrate its prey with its genome, infecting bacteria in their genome. The bacteria begins to copy the phages and die. Thus microflora of the patient is maintained. which is very important for the rapid restoration of health. This is promising. gene editing technology CRISPR-Cas is based on protection from bacteria phages.

It is known that viruses are resistant to antibiotics
Antibiotics are today massively used in livestock without antibiotics today impossible to imagine modern medicine. The use of antibiotics leads to the emergence of resistant bacteria and viruses thereto. And the creation of new types of antibiotics are starting to become more and more expensive. dance studio Madison Furthermore, the scientists predict that soon the process will slow down, because bacteria and viruses are adapting faster than the creation of new antibiotics. For example, dozens of kinds of antibiotics are no longer applied since become ineffective. For example – penicillin. And this can happen quite soon.

As we can, and we will all fight infections? After all, without antibiotics terms of recovery of patients will increase. In addition, antibiotics have many side effects. And today, antibiotics are used so massively that many things become possible, and the risk of serious consequences will increase many times. Any serious illness can be fatal. For example, cancer will lead to a sad end at 99%. Or a visit to the dentist can be fatal. As with any injury however. Or just cut. It will become impossible transplatatsiya bodies. Prior to the discovery of penicillin in childbirth and after about 1 percent of women did not survive as a result of infection taken up.

It seems that modern medicine can be in the nineteenth century without antibiotics. Is it so? What could be the replacement? Penicillin – a fungus. And any antibiotic – a strain of the fungus. But bacteriophages may in some areas completely replace antibiotics. cleaning service Madison

Phage therapy is well forgotten old
The study of phage therapy began in the early XX century in the treatment of French soldiers from dizentirii microbiologist Felix D’Errel. He made using phage different medicines for colds, diarrhea. Studies of phages were almost stopped with the invention of penicillin.

Today, this area is used in Poland at the Institute. Ludwig Hirtsfelda those who are not helped with antibiotics. And in Georgia, where he is the center of phage therapy. The work of this center helps many patients who are not helped with antibiotics.

There are supporters and opponents of phage therapy. Clinical trials of bacteriophages is quite durable. It takes years to make sure that there are no acceptable consequences. And it is quite expensive. dentist Madison But the prize may be large. In many bacteriophages and advantages. First of all, it is selective to a particular type of pathogenic bacteria, as for the bacteriophage is a “unique” food. And he can do something that can not be the immune system. But this requires accurate diagnosis of the patient, it is this pathogenic bacteria cause disease. While there are more questions than answers.

How to attract men, if the husband lost interest?

Perhaps nothing so affects women as indifferent husband. Photos, strife, jealousy scene – all better than the complete lack of dentist Madison from men. How can we improve the situation, to draw the attention of her husband?

Cooling feelings of fatigue or husband?

First you need to understand whether the people you betrayed your attitude or it just recently tired, feels bad and just because you are less attentive.  miamistyle.ligasound.xyz

Also, keep in mind that all men exhibit attention differently: some buy their wives new clothes, give flowers, drive their day off to the cinema, theater and concerts. Others express their love a little differently: helping around the house, take part of the concerns associated with raising children, just find a moment to listen to his wife, calm, say a kind word. Of course, ideally, men should find time for everything: to help, and joint leisure and talk heart to heart. more here

Never compare her husband with others. So if a friend tells you that over the weekend people suddenly got it into the jewelry store and gave cleaning service in madison, and your husband, as always, pleased you only that helped wash the dishes and vacuumed, that does not mean he has lost interest in you, he’s always trying to bring you my love is such cases, rather than expensive gifts.

Reasons cooling wife

Any treatment starts with diagnosis. Similarly, a woman should try to understand what triggered the cooling. limo Miami The reasons may be very different, because people can:

be sure that his wife will not go anywhere;
tired of “being good”;
stop loving wife;
believe that courtesies should provide his wife and not him;
admire another woman.
If she learned well the nature of her husband, she can easily determine what his attitudes have changed. But that was not the reason for the cool feeling you can always return! You need to show some patience and cunning. dance Miami

As she usually works when people lost interest?

If the man vanished, his wife began to accuse her husband that he has changed his former requires attention and affection, but not receive them. Often irritation, resentment and jealousy mixed: a woman begins to suspect her husband of infidelity.

All this, minor nitpicking, limo service in Madison of jealousy, strife, resentment, tears – even more cool man. He once loved is not a woman! Add that to a woman experiences never looks better, that is not a desirable …

Another variant behavior of women

All actions of the women listed above have one goal – to turn the attention of men. In fact, the problem has to be different – back feeling! spa service Miami And here we must understand that men like beautiful, successful, kind, gentle wives, but not abandoned and abused. Conclusion?

A woman should direct all their energy in a different direction, pay attention not his wife, trying to win him the love and loyalty, and yourself!

As a woman to attract men?

To attract the attention of men, women need to become more interesting. Everyone remembers the tale of Cinderella, which became a princess. window repair Miami

Of course, we must pay attention to their appearance.
You may want to change the image completely, after consulting with the stylist, pick a different hairstyle, find a more successful versions makeup, wardrobe update.
Pay attention to shape, to resemble a swimming pool, a fitness club.
Create a good mood, driving away the dark thoughts of inadequacy her husband and hardships of family life with him. pet grooming Miami
How should treat people change?

If people have at least a little loving wife, be sure to notice that she was different, and it will be grateful for what it is, firstly, stopped pestering him with their claims, second, improved, was the same – interesting and desirable! A man who does not react to the fact that his wife has changed, perhaps, he does not deserve attention!

A woman should weigh all very well, whether it be near the man whom no to it any work! The same can be said of the men who will complain about the fact that his wife has become more to look after themselves, then they selfish! They liked it when his wife gave all their strength to them and suffered because of their exaggerated coldness.

We can solve the question: whether to fight the coldness of her husband or accept the fact that the feelings gone? miamicleaning.bestdomen.xyz

Every woman finds herself the answer is: someone happy with any relationship the man so that he was there. That’s just whether it will be always there, if he has a wife does not interesting? Do not want him to again become gallant, romantic, passionate – as it was for the wedding? This role it can play, met another woman. So let it be so close with his lawful wife. And for this it must be for him the most charming, the most interesting, sexiest!

6 reasons to have a successful blog

Sometimes the path to success here takes a lot of time, energy and effort. But how to make the road to success was not very thorny and brought more joy and satisfaction?

Bodo Schaeffer in his best-selling book “The path to financial independence”, recommended to have success and blog every day there to dentist Madison all of their successful achievements, compliments and praise in his address. But perhaps you are now concerned with the question – what is needed for what purpose?

First: Blog Success – a great tool for self-motivation and personal self-development, allows you to experience steady period of failures, dance studio Madison happen almost every person. In this period, just look at the success of your blog and remember what you deserve.

Second: blog success will take you not only in the difficult moments of your life. It can be read when you just do not have the motivation or confidence.

Thirdly, due to the success diary you can work out at the important habit of successful people – concentration on personal achievements, get to know their strengths, improve self-esteem.

Fourth: The law of gravity still has not been canceled. Similarly it works for human life. cleanservmadison.yourchose.top

Fifthly, analyzing their records, you can better understand which areas of your life require the use of their efforts.

Sixth, successful blog will give you a wonderful incentive to move forward, achieve new goals. read

Wrote in his diary only the successes and achievements that are directly related to your major goals. For example, you dream of becoming a chef? Then, if you prepare a tasty dish – safely burn it in your blog. madisonwindrep.onandoff.top

And of course, take care of the look of your blog. It should cause only positive emotions, to be pleasing to the eye. Let this be a good notebook or diary, because in it you will record all their successes. madisonpetsgrooming.made-from.top

No money. Hooray!

There are situations in life when you need to save money on something useful for a limited period of time or for some important reasons “tighten the belt tighter.” Today we probably will not consider the negative situation, because dentist Madison are “holes in their pockets,” and talk is about the creative side of such issues as temporary cash difficulties.

From my own experience is clear: that this is sometimes a wonderful thing – the lack of money! Of course, not the same chronic, which stretched on for months and years, and one that lets you view life. Lack of money, which dance studio Madison you to find those little cracks, which gradually coming out of our money, and change your diet aside (note!) More healthy.

As an example: when our family are such times, it immediately starts off light in the room, which came out off a TV that no one is watching, turn off the computer monitor when it departed from, and if you went away for a long time – that switches to power-saving “sleep mode.”

Further, stocks of products that “zalezhalysya” on the shelves, such as cereals and canned dramatically reduced. Invented new dishes with what is in the refrigerator, not on the fact that we should go and buy. Of course, itspa services Madison an additional burden on our shoulders for women. Of course, buy dumplings or meatballs is always easier, but unfortunately …

But then he mentioned pancakes, muffins and cakes – with a minimum of products and stew – with that found on the shelves. Soups are songs, and if in broth – the meat sent out a second meal.

For some people, including me, is the norm. But one of my friends knew and perceived hostility that good old recipe of our mothers and grandmothers – meat from the soup to the second. For example, in the same pasta “in naval”. info

One of the main advantages is certainly the one that stems from temporary financial difficulties (or rather, our them the right attitude) – that our lifestyle is much healthier – because of our menu missing things like sausage, smoked and confectionery, available now for lack of money, or try to save them. But on the table popping soups, stews and porridge made almost exclusively on what was, with minimal fat and other things harmful to the body.

It has long been observed that it is a healthy food – is the cheapest food – porridge and vegetables, instead of sausage and condensed milk! Speaking of condensed milk – a couple of weeks of absence in our family found that forgotten dusty jars with Grandma’s jam – even very good alternative. Tea with jam – that ‘vkusnyashka “! Especially when ending sugar.

During such periods usually is virtually painless transition to fruit drinks and fruit drinks with mineralok and – not a terrible thing – lemonade, Pepsi-count and reduced juice. I often “beat” with the passion of every man to “shypuchok”, which, except for “vitamin”, as we call it (he dye, also known as flavor, he preservative), there is hardly anything useful for our body!

At such times it is mentioned that to the work that is prepared at home is always more beneficial and useful. Although my experience in the amateurs break to run to the store never accept this simple truth. This seems a trifle – think, spent 20-50 hryvnia! But usually the money on something worthwhile such people never have, but it is very unpleasant for others to borrow a habit to pay … It is a pity that these comrades forget the good old truth: “Kopeck keep the hryvnia.”

I was such a show case some years ago. I worked in the young, even, I would say young, like myself – at that time – the team. Salaries were all about the same, but the attitude to money is absolutely different. Interest seventy girls from our team came together for dinner in a nearby store and bought everything they wanted – biscuits, chocolate, cheese, yogurt, juices, prepared salads and more. click

Most began a half to two weeks to pay – one hundred percent of the team carrying food from home, we – as usual, but the same girls – with a sad look and talk about a small salary.

After a while I gained on the TV and shared the news with joy with the team. It’s a shame was heard from one of my colleagues deliberately loudly about what they say, “all prybidnyuyetsya, and the TV buys here.” By the way, this girl in order to buy a winter coat that cost twice as cheap TV, took credit for several years and hnulasya from “excessive” benefits.

It is clear that in no way saving some dinners, but this is usually an indicator of a person trapped cash in hand or, unfortunately, do not stay. After all, we often see that families with roughly the same income living in different ways: some manage to make repairs and to go to rest, while others only sigh – money like water …

The most commendable for me so far elusive group of people are those who, because that’s just such a “temporary difficulties”, decided to change something in your life and do something that a prosperous and “satisfied” time would hardly ever ventured – to find new ways to make money instead of total savings.

After all, as not saving, talk, perhaps they, and extra money for it in his pocket and no one put under a still stone, as we know, no good flows. A striking example – experience heavy 90s, someone fell in the dead of depression and counting pennies, while others, disregarding pride, was traded to the market. I think it’s best, most desirable effects just described above – temporary difficulties come, and skill remain.

Of course, I wish all readers that these temporary difficulties were a little less, and if they were – it was only with the sign “plus” – planning a large purchase, for example. But in any event time, as we see, it is very useful.

The main thing – to treat these periods, not as a “black day”, but as an opportunity to acquire useful habits and draw the necessary lessons.

12 ways to save money

Just do not be spenders – that’s the whole way! Easy to say! But how? I understand that after salary (bonuses or other large disposable income) money, as they say, “burned hip” and very much want to spend it on something sort of! Beautiful, expensive, and a status … or not at all necessary, or even unnecessary.

Just as once said one of the American multimillionaires: “The main mistake of modern man is that he is saving a child begins to associate with adversity, and Shopping – with pleasure.” This line of thinking simply provokes dentist Madison costs that are never enough money. If you say a clear language: “If the wife Shopaholic, people tend holozhopik.” However, men lately too …

Well, do not let the bad news.

1. The most important thing. Find a purpose. For what you want to “remake themselves”. After all, it is oh so easy! Looking habits will not occur overnight. We must motivate themselves something more beautiful and huge, purpose, satisfaction which will reach more than momentary pleasure of spending nth sum of money.

2. Less use a credit card than cash. Purely dance studio in Madison to spend money from the hands of a lot harder than remove the piece of plastic that money even appearance resembles.

3. Try to buy nothing day wage or when getting a large sum of money. So, head spinning, a feeling of permissiveness that allows a large amount of money can play a cruel joke. Write a list of essential purchases. Promise yourself that you want only buy after buy all the items in the list. By the time the euphoria usually goes the money can even be postponed.

4. Set a goal and a professional specifically highlight certain amount for professional growth. Clearly, the more effective you perform your job, the higher your income. So it is not always, but the exceptions prove the rule.

5. Do not be too thrifty. Thus, the board paradoxical in an article on … thrift and moderation. But otherwise you can break and go to the “dressing”. And then reprove themselves and amass a nervous breakdown … with each salary (income) reserves a small amount of “yes, no matter what.” You can periodically issue a “prize” of the amount saved per month fee.

6. Keep records of income and expenses. Council that several thousand years, but that he has not lost its relevance. Just something must make notebooks or document on your computer and at the end of each day write down expenses by category. And when you get money to write them in the column “income. madisonspaserv.onandoff.top

7. Buy any goods and products strictly on the list. So you avoid the cost of unnecessary “stuff” that are sometimes extracted huge sums from our wallets. Do not fall for enlistment inscriptions such as “70% discount” if you do not need it! For such uncomplicated methods sellers usually simply “poured” stale goods.

8. Consider how to effectively spend, but rather greater increase, a huge amount of money. And do not say, “That’s when, then think about it.” Stubborn statistics suggest something else: almost all the people who won the lottery or received a huge inheritance quickly got rid of the money. read

9. Suspend “stash”. Man can not know that it will happen in the future. But when it has happened, people start frantically borrowing money, including under enormous interest.

10. Have you ever tried to do business, at least at the household level? For example, to sell some trifle, made with his own hands, or teach another person that know how themselves. For money, of course. The fact that the entrepreneur mindset is fundamentally different from the mindset of the consumer-spenders. What? And all! Believe me, this is not difficult. You just have to start.

11. If you have all the money earned too much of the “mandatory” spending, think about how to reduce them. For example, utilities. Provisions efficiency is always there.

12. Change your attitude towards brands. If you buy just any “super-Bosch” and does not want to change their habits, know that “Leyblomaniya (mania labels) – Depending on the widely advertised brands. Sometimes the inability to buy a favorite brand ended in a serious psychological disorder. info

If you long enough follow these tips, you’re not completely lost option. Be bold. You will.

How to manage the women’s team?

The woman – a special type of employee. This will tell you any man-manager! When appears in your subordination of a ladies’ team … Manage it may be dance studio in Madison difficult than the command of a battalion of soldiers! How to use the features female psychology to successfully manage the women’s team, while building up their positive image in the eyes of subordinates? Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

Features women’s team

To achieve success in managing the women’s team is not easy if you do not know the distinctive features of this kind of spa services Madison community.

Basically, all these features are known, but moved to a managerial position, quickly forget about them! And for the umpteenth time are victims of the most banal techniques subordinates!

Simulation of hard work

Women are capable of more thorough simulation and artistic work than men.

A man may be closer to lunch with hangover physiognomy and honestly admit that “yesterday took over the little”, but for the window repair Madison half of the day he will make it!

Lady appears at exactly 9:00 and you, its head, you’ll only see the idyllic picture of “subordinated securities mountain.” And it turns out, the second toe dovyazuye!

Gossip, gossip, gossip …

Women observant and talkative. Together, these two qualities can become a “powder keg” for any manager!

Here comes the boss with the arrow on stocking – all kind of welcome it, but after half an hour the whole office has uhohatyvaetsya about how “our mumble a holey stockings pryperlasya – go lover slept in!” …

Complex relationships

In any women’s team formed a very dentist Madison, variable and sometimes invisible from the chair system manager “who is who” is not limited to official hierarchy! Men simply: “Mr. Smith, chief. Jack, Peter, Kolyan – colleagues. ”

We are infinitely more complex “Ivanna Maryam, Head – chaw-bacon actually fills all her deputy Frosya Prokofyevna. Lena, Tanya, Valyechka – colleagues. Lena with Valyechkoyu go eat together, but both dream “pidsydity” Frosya Prokopovne. Tanya soap, but can nastukaty Maryam Ivanna at all, although the five years as reflected in Lena boyfriend … “.

Of course, all these subtleties not reflected in the personal affairs of subordinates, is starting to guide the women’s team, may head for a long time to suffer a loss – that’s what.

What to do with all this?

First, always remember that on a head set strict surveillance over problems which may be considered Shtirlitsa kindergarten drawing!

So about any arrows on the stockings are not out of the question – the boss should come to his office, at heart singing Mary Poppins song: “Oh, what bliss – to know that I’m perfect! … “.

Subordinates feel acutely self-esteem of the authorities – if the manager feels “not a horse”, the staff shall pass no use “breach the defense!”


Second, a great way to gossip, “peremyvannya seed” and other favorite in the women’s collectives types of communication … is work! If every girl will be somewhat busy time for gossip will decrease (although to achieve their complete disappearance is almost impossible!).

A female team leader must strictly observe the commandments of interference in backstage intrigues, even if subordinates decide to dip to direct denunciations uchynyaty “Supreme Court” – the last thing!

Much better if after a couple of provocation ladies realize that a boss is not going to interfere!

Not justify expectations!

If you belong accession to high office in the organization where you had not worked, so get acquainted with the women’s team, which manage and have to!

A team first saw the new boss, usually tends to produce a number of stereotypical expectations that belongs destroy in the name of the successful leadership of this same female team! Common:

“Young and inexperienced”

Depending on the middle-aged ladies (and in many organizations it is pre-!) Age “youth and inexperience” may vary from 20 to 40.

Remembering the Soviet times, when the “chair” traveled to 60 years thus, conservative aunt could not immediately believe that our rapid time enthusiasm, creativity and no time to cling dust formation mean for the head much more than the ability menacing and solid supyty cough into a fist!

“She is a” paw ”

That post got a reason – for the “sheep in a piece of paper,” who carried out should be a fun HOUR (the version most often aprobuyetsya young and cute rukovoditelnitsa) relationship with someone senior, etc.

This theory is tenacious – boss may persuade many years of effective work in their professionalism, but still found at least one subordinate who will bovkne and that “come-here it is not alone!”.

“Since subordinates should be friends”

Ask them about family affairs, treat cakes, sometimes not to talk about their own work of his life, call Tanya, Valechka and Lenusyk …

By the way, this is true only female team in the post-Soviet countries – in another world like familiarity with the boss is regarded as mauvais ton! For us it is believed that “warm relations” will save, if that, from commanding anger.

To be absolutely correct, if the head of the start control women’s team from trying to put it vidstoronytsya subordinates to have a “friend”!

What is worth fighting for, controlling women’s team?

It so happens that the new chief comes on fast and … horrified dominant team in order! What often have to declare a decisive battle, controlling women’s team?

Eternal desire of women to the “domestication” of space around. Embroidered servetochky, bowls, statuetochki, lovingly watered geraniums – a very cute, but they can completely ruin the reputation of even the most reliable company! Therefore it is necessary to declare hard limit “tsatsek” per square meter office and monitor compliance;

“Anti-dress code.” In fact, the dress code (or uniform) disgusting and sad when wearing it herself! But when you come into some organization around and see no motley crowd in various aunts tasteless rags (on mini-skirts stretched to gray jackets “greetings from the barn”), and the staff pleasant ladies in business suits – the idea of this organization just growing! So it is worth to consider and implement in practice, despite the cries of his subordinates!

Homemade meals that are heated in the microwave and pour social magic soup flavors, kotletok, potatoes with herring … Of course, a late dinner hungry after working day nutritionists do not recommend, but in this case there are buffets, cafes, canteens … The office is just a shame! In a pinch, scroll lover dense snacks Store room, where flavors not reach noses customers and business partners!

Warning: not all subordinates immediately realize a leadership style women’s team! Cherished image of ‘loyal boss “? read

Be good to everyone?

Manage a team of women – the art! Creating a positive image in the eyes of subordinates boss can take years, and you can lose a reputation in a moment!

Smile – this is an integral part of the image, as polished shoes and a fresh blouse! Cry and curse – a taboo! Idleness – the lot of losers! If subordinates catch the leader adore ladies romanchyk viscous or toe – require them to labor discipline will be in vain!

Work and family balance for modern parents

While the economy continues its sluggish recovery, the financial problems of many of today’s parents are still relevant. And if you come back to work (full or part time in the office or at home), then your life changes.

And then you have to learn to find a reasonable balance between

responsible work
and the needs of the family.
Most of us already know the importance of being organized, do not hesitate to ask for help from people we trust and know when to “stop.” But what else can we do to learn to relax when we are at home, and enjoy communication with our families?

Since I returned to work full-time at home I have two small children, the question for me is very relevant. Maybe it seems absurd that I speak dentist Madison a position of authority, while Breast am bringing on a business trip across the country and struggled trying to schedule, including visits to the doctor, ballet lessons and preschool classes. But I really want to introduce you to several ways of psychological adaptation to help you maintain your rhythm loaded schedule. I also hope it will inspire you, and you share your thoughts in the comments.

“Eat morning frog”

Pays tribute Noise Oksenrayderu, author of one of my favorite posts on Simple Mom, Start Your Day by Eating a Frog ( «Eat the morning frog”). Her article has radically changed my working hours. Here is what wrote Tysh.

As Mark Twain said, “If the morning to eat a frog, the rest day will be wonderful because the worst is over.” In other dance studio in Madison, if you “eat a frog,” that is the first thing in the morning tackle the most embarrassing item in your to-do list, you see that your work is fruitful, and the rest of the day feeling relaxed.

Many of us are afraid to do this “one thing” and keep it aside, either monthly sales plan or a pile of unwashed clothes, which is constantly increasing.

But when we decide to do the worst first and finally consigned better, the rest of the day goes surprisingly smoothly.

Learn to separate from one another

In our male colleagues succeed. And we women tend to bind aspects of our lives. But, after all, can we gather everything into a whole, is not it?

I’m not saying that we should ignore your instincts God – not at all. I say that if you find yourself at work, which takes you to your family for a certain time, try the practice of separation of one business from another, using it in reasonable quantities.

This means that if you work, you spend that spa services Madison focusing only on current problems (of course, to exclude cases of emergency and urgent needs of your family). Do not check personal email and avoid aimless, devouring time challenges that hinder perform the work in time.

Conversely, when you get home, send your energy to the needs of your family. Make your sacred family dinner (and naturally, they should be) and take time to just play with your kids. If you have to “engage in work” to check email or do something urgently, do it after the children fall sleep.

Separation of powers will make your work much more productive and your precious time at home is much nicer.

Special time

For men

To maintain a healthy relationship with a man it is important to hold together the evening. This helps keep the relationship open. Also recalls that the need to enjoy each other’s company outside of everyday duty.

For children

In working mothers do not have much time to spend with his children, but they can give the impression of memories that will last a long time.

If you work outside the home, it is window repair Madison to occasionally take off to have a “mother’s day” and be able to stay with the children one by one. Go on a trip to the zoo, get decorating dishes in pottery workshops, arrange a picnic in the park. Make this day special and dedicate his only children. This time not just like them, you too will be waiting for him with impatience.

Recently I went to work full-time. Like most mothers, now I have no choice. Many, especially single mothers, this choice does not. This is our reality.

It must be admitted that the pet grooming Madison balance between work and private life impossible, but every day we do everything we can. These tips will help you organize your life, despite the fact that the balance is not perfect.

Finding a balance between work and family – it’s working, but at the same time, an opportunity for a fresh look at your life.

I learned to appreciate appreciated the long hours that people spend at work. When I get time for children, trying to hold it fully with them. I learned

set goals,
to work hard
and cherish special moments, precious and fleeting.

Who do you see yourself in five years?

This question often asked at the interview. It can confound, especially if you are over him ever thought. Or speculated, but the response was something like this: “It would just get a normal job and work on it, and we’ll see.”

To make it easier to dentist Madison to it, decide to start what type of career you the most suitable:

or horizontal?
Vertical career

This movement up the notorious ranks. When achievements in the professional field measured step that you borrow.

For example, in the accountant may be the following stages:

Assistant Accountant
accountant at one of the sites,
dance studio in Madison
and perhaps the CFO.
Typical vertical career can be seen in the army or the public administration.

Naturally, at every job level increases the degree of responsibility of tasks. As a result, you achieve leadership positions where the transition to the next level increases the number of employees. Oh, and best of all, is that the growing wage.

Horizontal career

It’s like growth “ushyr.” That is the way to increase trade.

Suppose you are a seamstress, do-measure. Then you grow up, in fact, nowhere. Become the main seamstress or head of the department does not threaten you, because except you no one. But how can you say that you are spa services Madison in a place that does not grow your professionalism? Of course not! With every order made perfect technique, you start to do faster and better operations. Tackle the more complex orders.

Horizontal career is not just those who work alone. “Grow in breadth” prefer many journalists, designers, IT-shnykiv, experts in various fields.

There are two options:

deepen – while improving specialist in any one direction (eg, seamstress specializing exclusively in sewing gowns, each time taking more and more complex styles);

expansion, mastery of related professions (eg when the seamstress is also zakriynytseyu manager and sales of their products).

Growth Excellence in the case of horizontal career can be encouraged payments for retirement. A high fees for their services. Often the window repair Madison with a capital “attached” to train newcomers. Provide new and interesting projects. Payment for their labor also increases with increasing skill.

In life, these two types of careers often combined. Since the transition to a higher level in the job hierarchy becomes possible with increasing professionalism and therefore offer good professionals often lead department or direction.

The main thing – pet grooming Madison main vector

First, give yourself what type of career you closer – grow up or outwards?

Next, think and write better, for you will be the greatest career success (what position, what level of professionalism).

Learning how to tie a business dating

To succeed in the true business lady needed professionalism, accountability, appeal and, based on the latter – the ability to make acquaintances and establish the necessary contacts in the professional community. But learn to do it dentist Madison and effectively?

According to statistics, 26% of successful businessmen consider personal network of priority importance for a successful career. And 62% believe that relations – though it is not important for career growth, but still a good tool. And it is not dance studio in Madison reason. The connection means you can always get a recommendation hear practical advice to solve complex issues with less temporary losses.

Ability to establish such communication and networking card called (from the English. Net – network and work – work). At the heart of this concept is the so-called six degrees of separation: each of us indirectly familiar with any other person on the planet through a chain of mutual friends. On average this chain of six people. Accordingly – the wider the circle of your friends, the more opportunities you “reach out” to the influential people in your profession.

The “correct” networking are the 5 main principles:
1. The principle of good upfront: I think first of all, not about what the “right” people can be helpful to you and of what you can spa madison it, and do not be afraid to give it to understand it. Ready right person to do something good, to service just has to have the interlocutor and then often turns unexpected “dividend”.

2. Remember that valuable career may be even casual acquaintances.

3. We should say that, as they give and receive business cards. Depending on the circumstances of the card, you can teach her new window repair Madison at once – in this case, the focus needs to be done on your behalf and capacity or services that you provide. A can end this introduction – then the focus will be your contact data. Having a business card companion, in any case not lower it in his pocket without looking – it might offend people.

4. It is not superfluous to write the next day a new friend email. It can simply express satisfaction familiarity. And do not forget to add someone to the number of friends on social networks.

5. Make it a rule to keep in touch with former colleagues and partners. If possible, help them connect to events in professional pet grooming Madison communities and social networks. Congratulations on birthdays and holidays. Rest assured, your attention will not remain unnoticed.

Where and when is most convenient to get acquainted with people (engage in networking)?
1. Directly in progress.

2. Special networking events for business community.

3. At work activities (training courses, seminars, etc.).