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What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?

About rubies known since ancient times. This stone is associated with fire, blood and mad passion. Rubin – one of the most valuable stones in the world. Interestingly, the perfect Burmese ruby diamond will cost more. This situation arose because of natural minerals sophisticated forms found very little.
The story of the magic taste
What are the names not only appropriated ruby during its existence. The Slavs, he was named “Yakhont” some Roman judges called it karbunkulusom Greeks gave the nickname stone anthrax, and in ancient Sanskrit ruby dubbed the king of gems. It is believed that the owner of the stone will control authority and power to improve their lot.

But there are two important points: you can not always wear a ruby, as it can become an energy vampire in relation to the owner; stone well have a decent man who has made life status.
Until now, natural ruby attributed magical and medicinal properties:
help in overcoming obsessive fear;
opposition forces of darkness;
abuse irresistible passion;
treatment of hypotension;
availability krovoostanavlyvayuschey function;
badoryty ability and prevent loss of strength;
tonic properties.
To note: the legendary Paracelsus attempted to treat cancers using ruby.
So where did the magic stone, the color may be a ruby? This is indicated by scientific evidence and long-term geological surveys.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
Ruby pedigree
Long ago stately stone in the throes of birth bowels of the earth. There have during the process of mutual movement of tectonic layers: crust and magma. The resulting substance, later named by scientists aluminum oxide, it came out as a crystal. The value of rubies is due to the fact that their family is very old, and the mystery of red minerals is far in the past. Nowadays these movements earth layers exist, so the chance to find red rocks are just rocks deep in the age of about half a million years.

Distinctive features of king stone
What color is ruby in nature? At this rate influence blotches chromium. Yellow color palette ranges from bright pink to purplish-red. The greatest value of the world’s rubies are saturated colors bovine blood. They seem to glow from within, bewitching its cold beauty.
Regarding the physical characteristics of stone, its structure is one of the most dense in nature and has the original shimmering luster of these qualities add resemblance to ruby diamond. In the past he mined and stored only in India and Burma, but gradually develop trade relations allowed the precious mineral to make a trip to Egypt, Greece and Rome great. In addition to the healing of various ailments ruby-known fact that, according to legend, won the honor of decorating a ring wise King Solomon. In addition, the luxury stone was a fixture of the royal regalia and symbols of domination, however, do not forget to decorate a graceful ladies fingers.

Rubin: features species
Deposits of these stunningly beautiful stones are located on the territory of many countries, including Sri Lanka, India, Africa, Madagascar, some Asian regions. And each type has its own strengths and unique appearance.
Guest from Burma
Flagship ruby sea is undoubtedly the stone from Burma. The famous mountain of Mong Shu carries in its womb Burmese rubies of high quality. It is very precious stones, different transparency and color saturation. To find out what color the natural ruby, produced on the territory of Upper Burma, we must conjure blood-purple hue, does not lose its luster in any light. Outwardly, it looks very expensive. Looking for a product with a ruby can guess its variety and origin in the colors of the stone. Rubin from the valley of Mogok a color amplitude from light to dark red, but it is important to remember that intense saturation is the hallmark of Burmese ruby.
Prices for these stones range from $ 50 per carat, with a minimal cost. Further price increase depends on the color of ruby, and takes into account its qualitative characteristics. Determine the authenticity of the Burmese ruby is difficult. This involved well-known laboratories, obtained the right to issue the certificates.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
Siam gift
Ruby won in Thailand and Vietnam are considered stones second grade, but that they become less beautiful. Thai Ruby: what color is and what its difference? Stones in the region characterized by a rich palette and pink and purple hues. Sometimes are truly unique, valuable samples, costing several thousand dollars per carat. But the bulk of these stones are quite unevenly colored and indistinguishable large size.
Ruby breathing Tanzania
Minerals worthy of attention mined in Tanzania. What color is ruby? Photo Tanzanian stone indicates a bright crimson hue, the contemplation of which can not be put down. These stones are after-cut and which tsvetanaturalnyy ruby from the depths of Tanzania? Unclear, but more transparent, pink or garnet minerals from severe internal defects, but jewelers give them tremendous appeal through their skill, pulling Stone Heart fiery glare.

What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
Also mining rubies organized in Kenya, Madagascar, India, Afghanistan and other countries, but the values are significantly inferior Siamese and Burmese species. For example, the color of ruby with Kenyan depths? Surprisingly, these minerals have brownish-yellow tint. A Malagasy stones differ orange and pink glow with a solidified silkiness.
Especially prized ruby with starry effect: stunningly beautiful, clear stones, often intense color. Their value depends on the saturation, hue, degree nezamutnennosty and clarity of outline star inside the mineral. Their estimate is quite subjective, relying more on their own taste than quality parameters.
Characteristic features natural stone
Therefore, rubies differ different color saturation and transparency. If there is a so-called young ruby what color he is? Typically, these stones watery, light pink or purple tint. Generally rubies in nature are completely transparent, without foreign inclusions, internal defects too large. What color is a real ruby, with confidence can tell experts: mineral contains shades from light red to dark red. Also, natural stones have tusklovatym brilliance, and some have silk tide.

Determine reliability
Synthetically grown stone will have those miraculous properties, which has the real ruby. In addition, these jewels are very expensive, so often thrive in sales deception and fraud.
How to distinguish imitation of natural stone?
Among other things, there are several important points that you should pay attention at first. Thus, the issue price. These rubies are rare, so because of its exclusivity are quite expensive. Particularly alarming is the low price a stone – such instances are very rare and very valuable.
Next – the size of the mineral. Rubies more than 5 carats quite scarce, so rare. At a minimum, they should be considered under the magnifying glass.
Finally, color. If the buyer cuts contemplation eyes brilliant, bloody rubies, we must remember that these stones are naturally solitary. In other words, the client or extremely valuable Burmese ruby or blatant fake.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color?
There are several easy ways to identify the authenticity of the stone:
Test using ultraviolet light. When the blue lamp is fake ruby orange.
White bubble inclusions. In natural ruby bubbles are extremely rare and are identical in color with the same stone. While the false minerals circles highlight or hollow.
Natural stone is usually cold and hot with great difficulty, unlike synthetic analogues.
If you put Ruby in a glass of milk, liquid paint it pink hue.
Different angles stone looks different.
If discovered crack in the stone, the natural minerals it will be uneven and will not shine like a fake.
Therefore, choosing an expensive ruby, it is necessary to consult with knowledgeable jeweler or gemologist.
What ruby color be? What color is a real ruby? Young Ruby what color? Ruby – natural creation, when you look at that breathtaking. No matter what color of ruby colored, are created mascots for the various zodiac signs, amulets, able to protect against the forces of evil. They attributed magical properties and give healing characteristics. Finally, go with ruby fine jewelry, worthy decorate royal houses. Natural mineral such high class – great choice of sybarite.