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Taxes, the most interesting facts

We have tried to collect for you a list of interesting facts related to taxes in the world. Some of them will appear absurd and ridiculous, but they did exist previously.

Windows in England and Holland
In 1695, authorities in England and the Netherlands have come up with a unique law that says – “The more windows in the house, the more have to pay more to the Treasury.” Three windows were subject to the usual price, but if they are getting longer – the cost of sharply increased in several times. Office Because of this clever Dutch narrow houses built, and the British were laying all the windows with bricks.

Inspectors in the United States
The United States is famous for the fact that their citizens are trying to regularly pay receipts. But it was not always so. The earliest tax inspectors in the United States did not die a natural death. They just killed citizens who refused to pay tribute.

Hand over the neighbor – to make a profit
Turkey has an interesting law that directs people to take unscrupulous taxpayers and at the same time receive 10% of the hidden amount. In recent years, this type of denunciation has already become a kind of business. People targeted searches for evaders and making money.

Beard or money
In Russia, Peter the First ordered to collect taxes from everyone who wears a beard. At the same time, men who maintained their facial hair, issued special badges, which read that the money had been paid by the beard. Meet Dr. Daniel Sun Fundraising hair was abolished in 1722. In the “bearded men”, if you introduce in 2016 referring to today’s fashion such a law – our country dramatically enriched 🙂

Fortune Teller in Romania
This activity is so popular in Romania, that enterprising MPs in 2011 tried to tax all the fortune-tellers and masters of magic.

Heart attacks in Italy
Employees of the Italian medical institutions say that on 18 June, the last day of filing tax reports, there has been an increased number of heart attacks among the population.

Belly Dancing in Egypt
In Egypt are very popular dancers, who perform the belly dance, which is why the authorities have decided to collect some profits from this. On average, per year, it paid about 265 million dollars to the state treasury. And one of the most popular dancers at all over the years has paid a record amount – 1.5 million dollars.

Shadow income
In Italy, since 1993, the State impose a fee from the shops and restaurants that use awnings and umbrellas. They attribute this to the fact that the shadow of the various obstacles falls on state land. Condo Experts

Noisy tribute
A lot of families who live near airports, complain of constant noise from aircraft. Because of this, the Swiss Parliament since 1980, decided to collect money from each aircraft, which takes off and produces discomfort nearest homes.

Money from prostitution
In the Netherlands, it not only legalized marijuana and prostitution. It decided to take advantage and courtesans each month are required to pay money into the treasury. This brings quite a significant inflow of capital into the country’s budget. Contact Us

It is easier not to notify
Comical situations occurred in the Tver region, where decided to waive the fee for the maintenance of suburban areas. The fact that owners had to fill up the budget for 600 rubles a year, but the notice itself to address suburban areas managed in 1500 rubles.