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Could kings marry for love?

As is known, the clergy was strongly against divorce, whether it’s family or commoner dignitaries. However, some kings of the law was not written. window repair Madison They neglected church prohibitions, married to who wanted, and got divorced, when they want. What was further with their wives, monarchs little concern. The best option was to banish the annoying little wife to the monastery. Who is most clearly “lit”, entered the history as the fickle husband? Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

Unusually often changed their narrowed Henry VIII. The first wife he “had inherited” by his older brother. Union it was necessary for the consent of England and Spain. Married, one after another appeared the girl (though dying in infancy), but Henry Crown Prince needed. Then he asked for permission from the Pope to divorce. When it was refused, the king broke off relations with the pope, and his wife sent to a remote castle. The second wife of Henry became Anne Boleyn. The one that for treason, was executed. Then the royal bed separated maid Boleyn, Jane Seymour, then Anne of Cleves. cleaning service Madison The last he had seen only in the portrait, and examined more closely before the wedding, sent home. Next wife – a cousin of Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard – as well as her cousin “lost his head” on the scaffold because of infidelity. Finally Catherine Parr spent with Henry VIII rest of his life. It is not difficult to calculate that the irrepressible Heinrich replaced six wives.

Philip II, who ruled France nearly 40 years, had to replace all three spouses. But how!? The first died in childbirth. King rushed to search for a suitable party. First he drew a dowry (not appearance) of the Danish princess Ingeborg. Not having time to marry, Philip gave up the new queen on the pretext of hostility and aversion to it. But the dowry left in his hands. According to the resolution of the Pope’s marriage was dissolved, but the French Kingdom was banned all church activities. So Philip could not marry a second time – that did not stop the royals. The wife he chose Agnes of Merania. dentist Madison After her sudden death, he returned to the palace Ingeborg, and did finally her his queen with all rights and privileges.

The most “expressive” and suspicious wives often gives way to Russia was Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible. Historical chronicles tell of the seven wives of the king. The most favorite, as historians say, was the first wife of Ivan – Anastasia Zakharyin. On it he had married in the age of seventeen and lived for 13 years. Then she died, dealing a heavy blow to the psyche of the ruler. Then Ivan the Terrible spent his life with Mary Temryukovoy, Martha Sobakina, Kotlovskoy Anna, Anna Vasilchikova Vasilisa Melentieva. All of them died quickly, someone from the disease, who were buried alive. Last wife – Martha Nude – induced melancholy of the king, for he was thinking of it has to get rid of. But … he died. stylist Madison

Management Psychology person

Not good for …. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl

In the depths of the human mind can find many secrets, and one of them is that people will always try to control other people. The desire absolute power and control sometimes exceeds all acceptable norms and leads to limo service in Madison consequences – all conflicts, from major wars and ending with small family strife in nature have ambition. But besides destructive desire for power exists and constructive management psychology man. It includes competent management of the workforce, the ability to regulate family relationships and relationships with children and positioning in society. All that a man achieves in life – be it career or cause their own business, full compliant healthy family or gifted children, a wide circle of friends and admirers, is the result of the ability to constructively manage people. more info

Cleaning Service in Madison

For the full life need to know which elements of psychology based management person. Dentist in Madison, the law of life for all remains the only – person lives within society, and around it different society, mykrosotsyum. If a person does not know how to constructively manage their mikrosotsiumom, neither of which fulfillment can not keep out of the question – it will have a lifetime to live somewhere in the backyard of their desires, not even trying to do. In order to motivate other people to some action to achieve their goals, you need to have a great ability to reason and think clearly and logically, and be able to direct yourself to achieve goals, to be able to plan their actions. If a person can not bring myself to speak or be silent, stay put or go just when it deems it necessary to do it and not be able to send other people to some action. That is why the organization and discipline is the first that has to comprehend the man who aspires to some high goals. Ability constructive leader of the growing self-control.

What is the meaning?

In studying Psychology person must first identify the cause, which encourages people to learn this science. If the root of the desire to know the science of managing people is irrepressible lust for power, you should think about correcting their mind and, without waiting to see a specialist, a psychologist, who will handle the complex. findbusiness.top
Management Psychology person not established to the man made it an end in itself. No mentally healthy person will direct all efforts on to learn how to bend others to his will. Complete control person uses psychology to achieve some goals that benefit him and the society which he directs. If he manages the team, he does not do it for pleasure, and financial success for the whole team. If he is able to regulate family relationships and motivate their children, it shall be for the full family. If he is able to interest other people in their personality and make them his friends, he will act in the interest of these people too. here more

All other methods, including the “seduction technique” hypnosis, manipulation of people by intimidation or pressure “to pity”, threats, deception or aggression can not be attributed to the constructive management – is the side effects of mental problems and complexes that need removing. None of these control methods do not help a person create a full and happy life, and the desire total control over society may one day make it to a standstill. Therefore, studying the science of managing people, remember that it should be used only when all the goals and priorities clearly bear, and you only reach them on their own and through society. read more

Do not scare stronger sex

If you decide to surprise her with something righteous, that it should not scare a lot of innovations in some respects at once. It’s no secret that relationships sometimes need to diversify, especially if your marriage for years. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

Cleaning Service in Madison

Jealousy this gender laid since the Stone Age. Therefore, any surprises for loved one should be prepared for some significant events. Suppose, for his birthday. If you wait for such a significant date in your family life too long, then manifest creativity and invite him to visit friends in the country, or organize a trip to another city for a tour, which will inevitably have to rent a room in a hotel, for example. Change, even temporary, the situation is often the better influence on sexuality in marriage relationships. here

Here you had a good opportunity to prepare for this case some exquisite linens to the coming night became memorable. If you put a dress in ordinary evening, it is not necessary to give the desired effect, agree. The next step may be role-playing games, but again, the man to such an event should be prepared in advance to avoid being pushed Sexual aggression.

Not all men like obsessive women, v. K. One of the purposes of our soldiers – to win. Allow it to you to win, and then present a fiery passion. Here it would be logical. They have thinkers, their brain does not tolerate “female logic”. Let them limo service in Madison using their own male logic. For example, last night the man was distracted by issues of global level as that for which the following country will attack the army of the militant state and who again win this unequal battle, and a miracle happened – he showed himself in all its beauty and strength of your marriage bed. Well, or you pretended that he showed himself so gracefully, and he is believed that in this case all the more important world wars. business directory

Dentist in Madison be your own future hypersexuality evening. New sexual favor better present, not as something you invented it, but as a result of your joint experiments with the necessary and direct involvement of your partner. Be sure to leave a slight reticence even in bed. Show him that you are sure is odious and riddle, which is so fond of saying our men. But watch out for and take care of his psyche that does not burden the mind and imagination of head of the family a lot of puzzles in themselves or in a relationship. Almost everything but that, “almost all” should be subject to its male logic. Keep an opportunity to be sometimes unpredictable – this is your weapon. Unpredictability must not frighten him. more info

A man sometimes must show that he has power over you. Let comfort his pride. If he will hint that something he did not like, then hints of better listen to the negative amount of detail on the laws of dialectics not turned into a cooling relationship quality. Here you have the opportunity to show him my resignation, but that why you won it, I ask. For any war give some awards. Let him have something vidvoyuye in battle. A small contribution, you see, will not reduce your authority. madison-dancestud.onandoff.top

Guess who your knight will bring their gifts? But to get something, you have to give something. In our case – to give a fresh wave of passion obnovlyayuschuyu our relationship.

Divorced men – types are?

If a man has experienced divorce, he never would look at the world as a free guy who has never been married. Well, he lived with his wife or bad, but the world has changed, he already has some ideas about marriage, often not very good, so to marry a divorced man difficult. interiormiami.lolabridge.xyz

Every divorced people can behave differently, but there are certain behaviors that are often used by men. Which types can be divided men who have experienced divorce? What lies in the psychology divorced man? Relationship with husband divorced possible? Can you win divorced man? About everything in order in this article. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

He regretted the deed

The man departed and waited on idle life something special. But, having lived so long, realized that he was married better. Now he greatly regretted his action and wants to return to the family, but his wife does not encourage aspirations. After a time he began to feel that his ex-wife was ideal and the best woman in the world. limo Miami

Marry such a man can be in if he saw you in the features of his former lover and decides that you are perfect just as it is. In general, these men are tied to the wives because they assume all responsibilities in the family, look for a man, wash, iron, cook, and her husband think about anything not necessary. So, if you are willing to do anything for this man, he create the ideal conditions in which it would not want anything, then he will gladly join you in marriage. dance studio Miami

Divorced, but tied to the former family

The young man does not want to return to the former family and, in general, do not regret divorce. But sometimes it is sad that their relationship broke up, people remember the happy moments of their lives, and it is sometimes a must to visit his ex-wife and children. He feels a responsibility to them and not leave them in the lurch.

Serious relationship with the divorced husband of this type are possible, though the marriage decide it will be difficult. dentmadison.cloudinng.top. Although just need to prepare for the fact that from time to time he would come to the ex-wife and help her with the housework. Withhold it from such acts stupid, only scandals in the family will be more, so you need to accept. miami-spaserv.ligasound.xyz

My husband likes freedom

Marriage to such a man become synonymous with prison. I allude to the wedding useless. He likes to live freely and to no one accountable, again it’s not going to marry. These men better not attached because they do not think of a woman as his life cleaning service in madison.

Some men who have chosen this course of action may be a serious relationship, but to make those of men draw their legally almost impossible. Others prefer to meet with the women in one night, have fun and leave. They choose women lower their status because they fear that ensured and self-sufficient woman may induce them to marriage. more


Heavy case. After a failed marriage and hates all women firmly convinced that they are greedy, quarrelsome and violent creatures. Wife for him – a real devil who ruined him for life. To be with such a man, you need to prove to him that you are different from all other women, and that you can make him happy. Yet these men to fear, as their true intentions may not always be clear. This man is quite able to start a serious relationship or even marriage in retaliation for his ex, but such an alliance neither he nor you will not be happy. Be alert. pet grooming Miami


Such a man completely devastated after divorce. He sees no purpose in life and lose confidence, and all because his life has limo Madison dramatically, and he can not adjust to the new system. These men are quite easy to marry. For their healing requires only woman who will return them a purpose in life and give a dream. If you can instill confidence in the man and give him hope for happiness, then your relationship will be long and harmonious.

Male – “child”

With such men, who often conferred the title of “mother’s son,” often divorced his wife because they are men, it is not independent. In women they are looking for the mother who will care about them well and give instructions on how they live, say, do and wear. Wives can not withstand such stress or simply forced to switch their attention to their children who need it more than men. cleaning service Miami

Once man loses his “mother” in the face of his wife, he is no longer interested in a woman, and he parted with it, or it does not stand for such behavior. If you are willing to do all of this for a male child and watch him all his life, he gladly make you an offer.

Compliments for men

Of course, there are men and those who, for various reasons, remain indifferent to the words and gestures of approval. These men are more the exception to the general rule, because most of them need support, love and compliments. window repair Miami

Approaching holidays and corporate events give a nice girl, ladies opportunities to meet or know each other better. How to limo Madison the trust and sympathy liked the young man? You just need to learn to make compliments successful men. What can we say a person worthy of approval? Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

First try to understand how it is for you most needed and cleaning service in madison. The fact that the man must speak compliments from the heart, sincerely, without hypocrisy. Compliments that come from the heart, from the heart are never in vain, silent. If you wish to emphasize the husband of his independence, significance, we should not forget that irony is not allowed, during which the woman accompanying words of approval, addressed to her lover. miamigroomingpet.kkk-blog.xyz

Not for someone no longer a secret that the stronger sex, as well as the weak, worried look. But men do not just pick the colors and styles. Often our men are not always quite sure in the end and stylistic accuracy making. Praising his choice, noting its efforts phrase “how you going this well chosen ringing (style, color, silhouette)”, you may find the path to his heart. clean Miami

Your companion laughed when I heard a joke, a funny anecdote or you smiled, extending his hand, flower, souvenir? So, you have a great reason to tell him a compliment, as you impressed by his smile. Most likely, he again wants to show it again and again. miamicomputerrepair.lolabridge.xyz

You notice your enthusiasm with which the elected ready for the evening talking about computers, consoles, cars or exchange of the dollar and the euro? Be sure to gently ask his advice he needed on the subject. dentist Miami Young people love when they pay tribute to the intellectual and professional abilities and as a result, always ready to suggest or dentmadison.cloudinng.top.

Career: 9 easy rules

Learn what to do to succeed in their profession. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

Read some simple tips to use that will help you become a successful woman.

1. Ask friend at work that you have “lack” and learn to control yourself, not to irritate colleagues and bosses. In other nonverbal signs like roll heads the idea that cleaning madison not only in themselves but in what you are doing.

2. Do not try to do everything yourself. Interns, prymaymni, intelligent, probably in a state vidkseryty documents. And you will have time to solve complex problems.

3. Do not discuss your dream job with colleagues. If the company resigned the position that perfectly suits you, tell us about it bare.

4. You must always look good! read

5. Do not zasydzhuytesya at work. The result of your work so much more than the number of hours spent in the office.

6. Be present at the meetings. Not just physically. If during an important meeting, you check your email on your phone, furtively dance studio Madison SMS or trying to pass a new level in Angry Birds, no one will think that you are able to do several things at once. All decide that you can not participate in the discussion of important tasks.

7. Read, learn and see all the news relating to your field of activity, including those appearing in blogs.

8. share common interests. If you talk with the leaders say: “At the conference I met a beautiful girl. I think we just lacked a specialist, “even the head will be clear that you think not only about themselves but also about the future of the company.

9. Do not be shy to show enthusiasm. madison-winrep.made-from.top

How to manage the women’s team?

The woman – a special type of employee. This will tell you any man-manager! When appears in your subordination of a ladies’ team … Manage it may be dance studio in Madison difficult than the command of a battalion of soldiers! How to use the features female psychology to successfully manage the women’s team, while building up their positive image in the eyes of subordinates? Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl.

Features women’s team

To achieve success in managing the women’s team is not easy if you do not know the distinctive features of this kind of spa services Madison community.

Basically, all these features are known, but moved to a managerial position, quickly forget about them! And for the umpteenth time are victims of the most banal techniques subordinates!

Simulation of hard work

Women are capable of more thorough simulation and artistic work than men.

A man may be closer to lunch with hangover physiognomy and honestly admit that “yesterday took over the little”, but for the window repair Madison half of the day he will make it!

Lady appears at exactly 9:00 and you, its head, you’ll only see the idyllic picture of “subordinated securities mountain.” And it turns out, the second toe dovyazuye!

Gossip, gossip, gossip …

Women observant and talkative. Together, these two qualities can become a “powder keg” for any manager!

Here comes the boss with the arrow on stocking – all kind of welcome it, but after half an hour the whole office has uhohatyvaetsya about how “our mumble a holey stockings pryperlasya – go lover slept in!” …

Complex relationships

In any women’s team formed a very dentist Madison, variable and sometimes invisible from the chair system manager “who is who” is not limited to official hierarchy! Men simply: “Mr. Smith, chief. Jack, Peter, Kolyan – colleagues. ”

We are infinitely more complex “Ivanna Maryam, Head – chaw-bacon actually fills all her deputy Frosya Prokofyevna. Lena, Tanya, Valyechka – colleagues. Lena with Valyechkoyu go eat together, but both dream “pidsydity” Frosya Prokopovne. Tanya soap, but can nastukaty Maryam Ivanna at all, although the five years as reflected in Lena boyfriend … “.

Of course, all these subtleties not reflected in the personal affairs of subordinates, is starting to guide the women’s team, may head for a long time to suffer a loss – that’s what.

What to do with all this?

First, always remember that on a head set strict surveillance over problems which may be considered Shtirlitsa kindergarten drawing!

So about any arrows on the stockings are not out of the question – the boss should come to his office, at heart singing Mary Poppins song: “Oh, what bliss – to know that I’m perfect! … “.

Subordinates feel acutely self-esteem of the authorities – if the manager feels “not a horse”, the staff shall pass no use “breach the defense!”


Second, a great way to gossip, “peremyvannya seed” and other favorite in the women’s collectives types of communication … is work! If every girl will be somewhat busy time for gossip will decrease (although to achieve their complete disappearance is almost impossible!).

A female team leader must strictly observe the commandments of interference in backstage intrigues, even if subordinates decide to dip to direct denunciations uchynyaty “Supreme Court” – the last thing!

Much better if after a couple of provocation ladies realize that a boss is not going to interfere!

Not justify expectations!

If you belong accession to high office in the organization where you had not worked, so get acquainted with the women’s team, which manage and have to!

A team first saw the new boss, usually tends to produce a number of stereotypical expectations that belongs destroy in the name of the successful leadership of this same female team! Common:

“Young and inexperienced”

Depending on the middle-aged ladies (and in many organizations it is pre-!) Age “youth and inexperience” may vary from 20 to 40.

Remembering the Soviet times, when the “chair” traveled to 60 years thus, conservative aunt could not immediately believe that our rapid time enthusiasm, creativity and no time to cling dust formation mean for the head much more than the ability menacing and solid supyty cough into a fist!

“She is a” paw ”

That post got a reason – for the “sheep in a piece of paper,” who carried out should be a fun HOUR (the version most often aprobuyetsya young and cute rukovoditelnitsa) relationship with someone senior, etc.

This theory is tenacious – boss may persuade many years of effective work in their professionalism, but still found at least one subordinate who will bovkne and that “come-here it is not alone!”.

“Since subordinates should be friends”

Ask them about family affairs, treat cakes, sometimes not to talk about their own work of his life, call Tanya, Valechka and Lenusyk …

By the way, this is true only female team in the post-Soviet countries – in another world like familiarity with the boss is regarded as mauvais ton! For us it is believed that “warm relations” will save, if that, from commanding anger.

To be absolutely correct, if the head of the start control women’s team from trying to put it vidstoronytsya subordinates to have a “friend”!

What is worth fighting for, controlling women’s team?

It so happens that the new chief comes on fast and … horrified dominant team in order! What often have to declare a decisive battle, controlling women’s team?

Eternal desire of women to the “domestication” of space around. Embroidered servetochky, bowls, statuetochki, lovingly watered geraniums – a very cute, but they can completely ruin the reputation of even the most reliable company! Therefore it is necessary to declare hard limit “tsatsek” per square meter office and monitor compliance;

“Anti-dress code.” In fact, the dress code (or uniform) disgusting and sad when wearing it herself! But when you come into some organization around and see no motley crowd in various aunts tasteless rags (on mini-skirts stretched to gray jackets “greetings from the barn”), and the staff pleasant ladies in business suits – the idea of this organization just growing! So it is worth to consider and implement in practice, despite the cries of his subordinates!

Homemade meals that are heated in the microwave and pour social magic soup flavors, kotletok, potatoes with herring … Of course, a late dinner hungry after working day nutritionists do not recommend, but in this case there are buffets, cafes, canteens … The office is just a shame! In a pinch, scroll lover dense snacks Store room, where flavors not reach noses customers and business partners!

Warning: not all subordinates immediately realize a leadership style women’s team! Cherished image of ‘loyal boss “? read

Be good to everyone?

Manage a team of women – the art! Creating a positive image in the eyes of subordinates boss can take years, and you can lose a reputation in a moment!

Smile – this is an integral part of the image, as polished shoes and a fresh blouse! Cry and curse – a taboo! Idleness – the lot of losers! If subordinates catch the leader adore ladies romanchyk viscous or toe – require them to labor discipline will be in vain!